Remembering the priests of Dachau—and the roots of the restored diaconate

Dachau entrance, 1945, from National Archives / Wikipedia Lest we forget: Seventy years ago today, the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated.  Many countries mark this date as Holocaust Memorial Day.  My blog neighbors Kathy Schiffer, Diane von Glahn and Marge Fenelon have written poignantly about this singular moment, with Marge noting the special connection of Catholic priests to another notorious [Read More...]

The transformation of Boston’s “Little Rome”

Cardinal’s residence (photo: Boston College) From The New York Times:  The house on the rise has long been a symbol of Catholicism in Boston. When it was built, its grandeur demonstrated the wherewithal of the city’s newly powerful Roman Catholic community. When it was sold, the transaction reflected the straits of a once-powerful archdiocese brought [Read More...]

Letters reveal Winston Churchill’s family feared he would convert to Islam

Winston Churchill in 1904 (photo: Imperial War Museum / Wikipedia) From The Daily Telegraph:  In the public eye, Sir Winston Churchill’s long political career earned him a place among the greatest of Britons. But what may come as a surprise is that he was a strong admirer of Islam and the culture of the Orient [Read More...]