Homily for July 7, 2013: 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

[Click here for readings.] If you’re still feeling drowsy this Sunday morning, here’s something to wake you up. Last year, the world got a lot richer. According to the World Wealth Report, released just two weeks ago, the combined wealth of the world’s richest people climbed 10 percent … to a grand total of 46.2 [Read More...]

Homily for June 23, 2013: 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

I spent most of last week in Denver for a conference, and flew home late yesterday afternoon. Approaching New York, our plane took a path up the Hudson, to circle around toward LaGuardia. As we began our descent, we swept over parts of New Jersey, and then turned toward Manhattan. Looking out my window, I [Read More...]

Homily for June 16, 2013: 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

[Click here for readings.] In the 1950s, one of the most popular shows on television every Sunday asked the question: “What’s My Line?”  A panel of celebrities would have to guess what someone did for a living by asking a series of simple yes-or-no questions. The show was a sensation.  It ran from 1950 to [Read More...]

Homily for June 9, 2013: 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

[Click here for readings] A few years ago I got an unexpected e-mail from a guy in Virginia who was studying to become a deacon in the Diocese of Richmond. His name was Joe Marotta.  Joe had discovered my blog and wanted to ask me some advice about his formation.  One e-mail led to another, [Read More...]

Homily for June 2, 2013: Corpus Christi, the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

[Click here for readings] Last week, my wife and I traveled to California. One of the places we visited for Mass was the cathedral in Los Angeles: Our Lady of the Angels, now marking its ten-year anniversary.  It’s truly an amazing place: a fortress, really, designed to withstand the strongest California earthquake. As such, it [Read More...]

Homily for Trinity Sunday: The God Who Wants to be Found

 Note: I’m on vacation this weekend and won’t be preaching. But here’s my homily from Trinity Sunday 2010.   + Several years ago my wife and I went on vacation to Arlington, Vermont. We stayed at a bed and breakfast, and one afternoon paid a visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum. Rockwell spent part of his life [Read More...]

Homily for May 12, 2013, 7th Sunday of Easter: The Gift

[Click here for readings.] Last December, just before Christmas, Esquire magazine as public service published an important piece of journalism: “What To Give the Man Who Has Everything.” It turns out if you want to give something to the man who has everything, you have to have everything yourself. It’s not cheap. On their list: [Read More...]

Homily for May 5, 2013: 6th Sunday of Easter

[Click here for readings.]  In July of 1967, a 24-year-old Navy pilot named Larry Duthie found himself in the last place a Navy pilot wanted to be: on the ground, injured, in the middle of a jungle about 20 miles from Hanoi, waiting to be captured. He had been part of a squad sent to [Read More...]

Homily for March 29, 2013: Good Friday

This is probably one of the most difficult, most challenging, most brutal passages in all of scripture. Here we have details that make the passion tangible and immediate and raw.  Here, in St. John’s gospel, we have weapons and torches.  We have the thorns.  There is the purple cloak. The bitter wine. The poignant moment [Read More...]

Homily for Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper

From the vault: my homily from Holy Thursday 2010:  +++ Not long ago, The History Channel showed a documentary in which scientists attempted to create what may be the most realistic 3-D image of the face of Christ. They spent many months on the project, using sophisticated computer technology to craft the image from the [Read More...]