Homily for March 30, 2014: 4th Sunday of Lent

If you asked me, “who is the most influential Catholic woman in the world right now,” the answer would be easy. Sister Cristina. Last week, this 25-year-old Ursuline nun from Sicily, Sister Cristina, appeared on Italy’s version of “The Voice,” the popular singing competition show. If you’ve seen it on NBC, you know how it [Read More...]

“How can this be?”: a homily for The Annunciation

From the vault, here’s part of a homily from Advent in 2008, with some thoughts on the feast we celebrate on March 25: +++ How many of us have been blindsided by events we never expected – a twist on  life’s path that we never saw coming, for better or for worse — and asked  [Read More...]

Homily for March 23, 2014: 3rd Sunday of Lent

In late February, I received an email from a woman in the Michigan. She had stumbled across my blog and she wanted to share something with me. She told me she was born and raised Catholic, and was educated by Dominicans, but had left the faith when she was young. She ended up joining the [Read More...]

“Where is my confidence? In the Lord? Or am I a pagan, who confides in things, in idols I have made?”

Once again, in his daily homily, Pope Francis touches on a favorite theme and image: idols.  (Are your ears burning, Elizabeth?) From the Vatican:  “The one who trusts in himself, in his own richness or ideologies is destined for unhappiness. The one who trusts in the Lord, on the other hand, bears fruit even of [Read More...]

Homily for March 16, 2014: 2nd Sunday of Lent

Our parish will be showing a video for the Annual Catholic Appeal this Sunday. Homilies will be brief. Here’s my homily, however, from the 2nd Sunday of Lent in 2008.  How is your Lent going? Right about now is when the newness and fervor start to wear off. We’ve left the ashes in the bathroom [Read More...]

Homily for March 5, 2014: Ash Wednesday

The other day, I read an interview with a woman in Lebanon, Sister Micheline Lattouf.  Sister Micheline belongs to the Good Shepherd Sisters. Her flock consists of men, women and children who are—literally—running for their lives. They are refugees. Most of them are Muslim. Many are from Syria. By one account, over 2.2 million people [Read More...]

Homily for March 2, 2014: 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Back in the 1950s a popular game show was called “Who Do You Trust?” It’s best remembered now as the show that first introduced Johnny Carson. These days, if you asked the question “Who Do You Trust?” the answer might be: no one. In 1972, half of Americans surveyed – 50% — said they believed [Read More...]

Homily for February 16, 2014: 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Photo: Patrik Giardino / New York Times With the eyes of the world focused on the Olympics in Russia, last week the New York Times profiled a record-breaking international athlete. She’s not in the Olympics. But she is, in every sense, a phenomenon. Her name is Olga Kotolko. Olga grew up in a large family [Read More...]

Homily for February 9, 2014: World Marriage Day

Last year, my wife and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary.  The waitress seemed impressed. She asked us, “What’s your secret?” I smiled and told her: “Patience.” Then my wife chimed in: “And prayer.” And now you know what it takes to be married to me. That explains why my [Read More...]

Homily for February 2, 2014: Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

I found myself in Times Square Friday afternoon, and got quite a shock. It seems there’s a big football game this weekend. And a lot of people decided to come here to see it. The neighborhood Friday was absolutely mobbed. Tourists, media, vendors—it was incredible. The city has definitely caught Super Bowl fever. There have [Read More...]