Because this never grows old

Happy Solemnity of Christ the King!  Everybody dance! [Read more...]

“Pumpkin Spice is eggnog for morning people”

I forgive you, John Oliver, for disliking All Things Pumpkin because you’re just so damn funny. [Read more...]

Gimme five!

When so much of the world seems to be bad, here’s a little slap of good. The New York Daily News notes: If you stick your hand in the air long enough, someone may just give you a high five. Filmmaker Meir Kalmanson ran around Park Ave. in July giving unsuspecting people trying to hail a [Read More...]

Now THAT’S funny

Stupid TV ads pop up all the time on FB and they’re instantly forgettable. But this is something else. It’s been around since 2013, but this is the first I’ve seen it, and it’s one of the few times I watched one of these and honestly laughed out loud. It’s not stupid. It’s endearingly, hilariously [Read More...]

Martyrs read tweets by Joel Osteen

This is inspired, from our Lutheran siblings. (H/T Deacon Sean Keller). Yes, evidently he really did tweet these things.  (His Twitter feed is here.) [Read more...]

Gasp! Blogger admits “writing negative posts about Pope Francis made me a miserable SOB”

A shocking confession:  Catholic blogger Anselm Gregory Benedictus Ambrose Tiberius Athanasius, who writes at “Ex Ore Dei” under the pseudonym “Pepe”, admitted to his readers yesterday that writing negative posts about Pope Francis for forty consecutive days has turned him into “a miserable SOB”. In a post titled “Pope Posts: Day 41″, Pepe wrote: “What [Read More...]

Too good to miss: Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”

The man is a national treasure. Somebody needs to carve his face on Mt. Rushmore. Check out his latest video, “Word Crimes,” a parody of “Blurred Lines”: [Read more...]

A dad’s Sunday psalmody, from “Frozen”

The virus that is the score from “Frozen” has now infected fathers. And it’s hilarious. [Read more...]

“Mad X-Men”

What happens when the worlds of “Mad Men” and “X-Men” collide? You have to see it.  This was evidently created by the good people at Quiznos, who place a prominent plug at the end. In a word: inspired. [Read more...]

A “Frozen” father’s lament

Priceless. One man gives voice to what so many dads are feeling these days. [Read more...]