Who's behind all those cat videos on YouTube?

Now it can be told. [Read more...]

Why are we skipping church?

The folks at The Onion provide some answers…click to enlarge: [Read more...]

If God had a blog …

This has to make you smile. From the New Yorker, a funny glimpse at what God had to say after He created the world:  read it all. The comments are priceless. [Read more...]

"Best God joke ever"?

A poll a few years ago voted this the winner.  And it’s got a lot of truth to it — as anyone who has spent any time in the blogosphere can attest. From Emo Phillips: Once I saw this guy on a bridge about to jump. I said, “Don’t do it!” He said, “Nobody loves [Read More...]


Get a load of this: H/T to the jolly Frank Weathers, who has more here. Thanks, Frank.  I needed that. [Read more...]

I don't think this is in the Book of Blessings

From Nashville, the pre-race prayer at the Nascar Nationwide series race last weekend. [Read more...]

Thanks for the tip!

Helpful advice from a pizzeria: See some other great tips here. [Read more...]

Sheer genius: one man, dozens of celebrities, all doing Shakespeare

I howled. This is really something.  Actor/impressionist Jim Meskimen with three minutes of bedazzling ingenuity. [Read more...]

"Stop forwarding that crap to me"

One of the great poets of our age, Mr. “Weird” Al Yankovic, speaks for us all. [Read more...]

Adorable x 2

Because you can never have too much of laughing babies on YouTube.  And I think we could use this about now, don’t you? Here, then, are twin babies.   Laughing.  In sync. [Read more...]