Now you know: the real meaning of "deacon"

A tweet forwarded to me from a reader: [Read more...]

A Christmas card for our times

From a friend’s FB page: [Read more...]

New Evangelization FAIL

“Honey, here’s something fun for the family…let’s go!” H/T to The Ironic Catholic. [Read more...]

Looking for a joke for this Sunday's homily?

A reader from the U.K. left this comment on another post: Anglican priest to his wife who’d just spent a fortune on a dress – ”Why did you spend so much, I’ve told you that whenever you feel tempted you should say “Get behind me Satan” “I did” said his wife. “What happened then?” said [Read More...]

Funniest joke?

The winner of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s Best Joke award, by Nick Helm: “I needed a password eight characters long, so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” Are you in stitches yet? Read the other winners. [Read more...]

Happy Monday!

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It's the Circle of Laughs

From those whacky folks at Disney, “Bloopers and Outtakes” from the new “The Lion King” DVD. [Read more...]

Who's behind all those cat videos on YouTube?

Now it can be told. [Read more...]

Why are we skipping church?

The folks at The Onion provide some answers…click to enlarge: [Read more...]

If God had a blog …

This has to make you smile. From the New Yorker, a funny glimpse at what God had to say after He created the world:  read it all. The comments are priceless. [Read more...]