If Google had existed in 1960 …

…would it have looked like this? Source. [Read more...]

A Lenten lectio: "Serenity now!"

I know the feeling. A classic bit from “Seinfeld”: [Read more...]

The brilliance of Steve Martin: "Atheists don't have no songs"

We loved him with “King Tut,” and he’s gone and done it again, with this inspired Bluegrass tune, accompanied by the Steep Canyon Rangers.    (In a related vein, Heather King ruminates on the idea that “atheists have no story…”) [Read more...]

That '70's woe

Do you miss the ’70s?  Does this bring back memories? Yes, I confess: I once looked just like that.  That’s eerily similar to the kind of clothes I wore to my Catholic high school over 30 years ago. (Ah, leisure suits, too!) The horror, the horror. To see more, if you can bear it, visit [Read More...]

Shock: Oprah picks nun's book for her book club!

Well, almost. Check out this clever book plug. [Read more...]

What is Super Bowl Sunday really about?

This little clip says it all.  God bless Bill Geist.  And, of course, George. [Read more...]

May The Force be with you…

Caught this over at Elizabeth Scalia’s joint, and it’s the first commercial in a long time that made me laugh out loud.  Enjoy.  [Read more...]

Snow day for the sisters!

I think it was Leon Bloy who wrote that “joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.” Well, then, there’s a whole lot of God in the gals  below.  A merry h/t to Lizzie Scalia for sharing this.  I found it not only joy-filled, but unexpectedly moving. Ever wonder how nuns spend [Read More...]

God bless Dave Barry

Once again, he’s penned a classic summary of the year just-ended. Prepare to howl. A choice piece: In New York City, the big issue is a proposal to build, two blocks from Ground Zero, a Muslim community center that proponents claim will promote dialogue. Even in the purely conceptual phase it promotes a huge amount [Read More...]

Having BlackBerry trouble?

No problem!  Just watch. [Read more...]