That’s entertainment: have you paid attention to in-flight videos lately?

It’s the latest thing: make ‘em fun and funny. People will actually look forward to buckling up and turning off their electronic devices when it’s done like this. The best yet, from Virgin: But this one from Delta is fiendishly clever, too: [Read more...]

A key difference between cats and dogs

It’s all about how they teach their young to go down the stairs. This one-minute video says it all. [Read more...]

What can you do when your church service starts the same time as the kickoff for the big game?

Well, now here’s something different.  (H/T to the great photog Greg Shemitz, who sent this my way.) As YouTube describes it: The very abbreviated worship service created by Pastor Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church (Butte, Montana) for the 11 AM service taking place at the exact same time as kickoff for the 49ers [Read More...]

“The Blessing of Automobiles by Total Immersion”

A priest friend sent this my way. You may want to wait until Spring to put it into practice.  DGK.  +++ Pastoral Note #2141995 The Rite of Blessing Automobiles Among the many blessings of the Second Vatican Council, the newly revised Book of Blessings ranks as one of the newest but most promising. Yet by [Read More...]

After way too many Christmas cookies, I begin my exercise regimen for the New Year

Yeah, I’m sure I’ll look like that eventually. Meantime…there’s this: [Read more...]

God bless Dave Barry. Again.

His 2013 Year In Review is, once again, an instant classic. My sides hurt. Snip:  FEBRUARY … Washington faces another crisis in the form of a “sequester” that will happen automatically unless Congress can agree on a budget, which seems unlikely inasmuch as Congress cannot agree on what planet this is. If the sequester goes into [Read More...]

Best Christmas meme

This popped up on my Facebook feed this morning. [Read more...]

Happy Festivus

Classic moments from a classic episode, below. Judging from what I see on the Interwebs, I think some people got an early start on the Airing of Grievances this year… [Read more...]

Ah, parenthood

This is rapidly going viral around the Interwebs, and it’s easy to see why.  This new ad from Coke shows a world that is familiar to anyone who’s been there—and it does it with wit and warmth and a message that is, at its core, in love with life. [Read more...]

Tim Conway, Catholic

The comedy legend has a new book out, and Tony Rossi has a preview: During his high school years, Tim was playing in a football game when he got hit full force in the center of his back. He writes in his book that he lay on the ground for quite some time, unable to talk or [Read More...]