Hilarious “Ode to Sleep Deprived Parents” set to “Carmina Burana”

You don’t need to know a note of music to love this. Details:  We dare you not to giggle when you hear “Ode to Sleep Deprived Parents and Terrorizing Toddlers,” performed with somber gravitas by more than 200 members of the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs and set to the music of “O Fortuna,” the intense opening [Read More...]

Just what we’ve been waiting for: nuns doing the “Harlem Shake”!

Courtesy Sister Rose.  Check it out below. [Read more...]

Instant classic: bad lip reading of the inauguration

They don’t get much better than this.  Enjoy.   [Read more...]

Happy Feast of the Ass

I kid you not. I’m actually early with this; today is technically the vigil of the Feast of the Ass.  But I wanted you to be able to get a jump on things. A seminarian friend writes: How can we ever come to receive the fullness of the treasury of the Church’s liturgical tradition ignoring [Read More...]

“Instagram dat joint!”

Watch what happens when a clever dude with a camera, a costume and a car decides to freak out people working at the drive-thru window. [Read more...]

What the angel REALLY told the shepherds …

Ha! [Read more...]

Here it is: Dave Barry’s Year in Review for 2012

The wait is over.  Barry is back.  He begins:  It was a cruel, cruel year — a year that kept raising our hopes, only to squash them flatter than a dead possum on the interstate. Example: This year the “reality” show “Jersey Shore,” which for six hideous seasons has been a compelling argument in favor [Read More...]

Photographer sends out family Christmas card—and he plays every member of the family

I guess someone at the Wall Street Journal got one: Like many of us, Gary He, 28, struggled to choose just one representative portrait of himself for his holiday card. So he used 14. He, a Brooklyn-based photographer, always puts a lot of thought, effort and money into his holiday card. Last year, he riffed [Read More...]

A Christmas classic: the nativity scene of Mr. Bean

‘Tis the season for playing with your creche! Back by popular demand: a Christmas favorite of The Bench, and one that never fails to make me smile. Enjoy. [Read more...]

“I regret to inform you that my wedding to Captain Von Trapp has been cancelled…”

Another side of the story, for those who caught the movie, again, last night, or those who can sing it all in their sleep: Dear friends, family, and Austrian nobility, Captain Von Trapp and I are very sorry to inform you that we no longer plan to wed. We offer our deepest apologies to those [Read More...]