Worth a thousand words

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Quote of the day

From Catholic comedian Jim Gaffigan:  “I watch the faces of single people in their twenties after I bring up that I ‘have children.’ I imagine them taking a small step backward as if to avoid contagion, with a look of ‘Sorry to hear that’ on their face. Like I naively volunteered to contract leprosy, forever [Read More...]

Now standard in every Fiat: an Italian family

Hilarious. Just watch the video below. Backseat Italians – watch more funny videos [Read more...]

Why Men Shouldn’t Be Ordained—UPDATE

Remarkably, this little satire has become one of the most popular posts at The Bench, ever.  (Its appeal may be more universal than I ever imagined. It was recently picked up by a Buddhist blog, which thought it had humorous applications to Buddhist monks.) For some reason, the post is getting renewed attention and traffic [Read More...]

VIDEO: Bride Tosses Bouquet from Human Slingshot

You can’t make this stuff up. Just watch. [Read more...]

Meet Harvey and Eddie

If they’re looking for a third musketeer, I think I’d fit right in. [Read more...]

St. Thomas on Facebook

This is clever, marking today’s Feast of St. Thomas, from Catholic Memes:    [Read more...]

Great Moments in Journalism: TV Reporters and Animals

In a word: hilarious. N.B.: Some of the language is foul — or fowl. [Read more...]

Jim Gaffigan, hipster Catholic

From Michelle Boorstein in the Washington Post comes this profile of funnyman Jim Gaffigan: Gaffigan seems to effortlessly embody the idea the Catholic Church and other denominations are desperately promoting: You can be a devout member of mainstream American life. You don’t have to leave God in order to live in the regular world. With [Read More...]

The Only Thing Worse Than a Bridezilla

Is a T-Rex who is eager to catch the bouquet. As a deacon reader noted: “This is another reason why we don’t do garden weddings…” Get a load of this incredible wedding picture below, by the very imaginative J. Quinn Miller. Visit this link to read all about it and catch the funny annotations. [Read more...]