A “miracle” for a priest who was told he’d never walk again

Two summers ago, I had the good fortune of meeting Fr. John Murray, who invited me to speak at a retreat on preaching at the San Alfonso Retreat House on the Jersey Shore. It was a great getaway, and the retreat house is a gorgeous spot. There’s nothing like waking up to the scent of salt [Read More...]

New Year’s resolutions from Pope Francis

  Pope Francis at Asian Youth Day in August 2014. (photo: by Korean Culture and Information Service / Jeon Han / Wikipedia) A writer in the Philippines has compiled a list, and it’s a good one: 1. Don’t gossip. It’s one of our hobbies. For Francis, it’s also one of the most evil activities. The [Read More...]

After “paying it forward,” Kentucky priest gets a surprise donation

You might remember this story from last week, about a priest in Kentucky “paying it forward” by giving away thousands of dollars for Christmas. Now, an anonymous donor is paying it forward, back to his church—and in a big way. What a great start to the new year. Check out the video below. LEX18.com | [Read More...]

Best. Son. Ever.

App developer Joe Riquelme has done pretty well for himself—he developed Videoshop, an editing app for iPhone—and this Christmas, he gave his parents the ultimate Christmas gift. He paid off their mortgage.  You can read about here.  Watch the moment below. Warning: kleenex required. [Read more...]

Pittsburgh hospital sends Christmas babies home in stockings

Photo: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Adorable. From The Daily Mail:  Babies born at a Pittsburgh hospital are heading home with their parents in tiny stockings. The Magee-Women’s Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center snapped photos of the tots lined up in the stockings, each with a green or red hat atop their [Read More...]

Kentucky priest gets an anonymous gift — and pays it forward for Christmas

From the NBC affiliate in Lexington, KY: LEX18.com | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather [Read more...]

Must-see video: watch what a homeless man does with $100

You might be surprised. Check out this remarkable vignette. [Read more...]

Want to keep Christ in Christmas? Try this.

A priest friend send me this image this morning: I was curious to learn more about Steve Maraboli, and found this 2011 story about him from Long Island Catholic: “Pretend God is deaf” and more interested in actions than words, motivational speaker Steve Maraboli advised parishioners at St. Peter of Alcantara Church here last week. “The [Read More...]

Cancer patient gets her wish granted, meets Pope Francis

From CBS News:  Since birth, they’ve called her “one tough cookie.” Now, Gracie West is living up to that nickname as she fights cancer. She’s had nine rounds of chemotherapy, and when asked if she could have one wish, she said she wanted to meet the pope, CBS News’ Allen Pizzey reports. “My motto is, [Read More...]

“We can do anything. We could be heroes…”

This is guaranteed to make you gasp, squeal, swoon, and maybe even feel a lump in your throat. People are awesome. And a little bit nuts. But mostly awesome. Crank up the volume and enjoy! [Read more...]