Must-see: special Mass for kids with autism

An former colleague from my days at CBS sent this my way: a brief video he produced about a Palm Sunday Mass for children with special needs in New York City.  As the website notes:  On Palm Sunday The Church of the Blessed Sacrament in New York City held a special needs mass for families. The church [Read More...]

Something wondrous: 14 years of a girl’s life in 4 minutes

This is exceptional: An 14 incredible years in the making, this viral video shows Lotte Hofmeester grow from a baby to a beautiful teen in a mere 4 minutes and five seconds. Lotte’s father, Frans Hofmeester, started taking video of his daughter as soon as she was born on October 28, 1999. “She was changing at such a rapid pace, that [Read More...]

Bishop offers special blessing to altar server recovering from brain tumor

  Photo: Sam Lucero | The Compass From The Compass in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Beautiful:  Last November, Joey Pickett, a fourth grader at Crivitz Elementary School, donned his altar server vestments for the first time at St. Mary Church. Fr. Walter Stumpf, pastor of St. Mary Parish, recalls Joey’s first Mass as one where the [Read More...]

Awesome: turning a homeless shelter into a 5-star restaurant for one night

Just watch. This one is a keeper:  A professional prankster decided to give back on April Fools’ Day. Greg Benson teamed up with a restaurant crew to turn a homeless shelter into a five-star restaurant for the day. He and staff dressed up the dining area and served everyone a three-course meal that included filet [Read More...]

Best. Brother. Ever.

Well, at least the best video of a brother going to visit his sister—ever. Watch how a guy in Guatemala decided to surprise his sister back home in France for her birthday. You will smile. You will laugh. You may even cry.  It’s sweet. Take a look. [Read more...]

Hooray for Holy-wood!

My blog neighbor Tony Rossi watched the Oscars last night so the rest of us didn’t have to—and caught some inspiration and some religion, to boot: One sweet moment occurred during Jared Leto’s Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech when he spoke about his mother’s past and shared a story that could give hope to other young women [Read More...]

Must-see video: what this little boy did with $20 will move you beyond words

From last week’s CBS Evening News. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. And wondrous. [Read more...]

“You’re gonna talk about tonight for a long time”

Those words kick off this extraordinary video that is rapidly working its way around the world: Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer, addressing a group of evangelicals, and introducing a brief video, shot on his iPhone, featuring his old friend, Pope Francis. This is, in a word, stunning. It’s 45 minutes long, but take time to watch [Read More...]

Hungry and you fed me: one student’s great idea puts leftovers to use

Here’s a great story from my home state (and my alma mater) about a college student who saw a desperate need and found a way to fill it:  A few years ago, students at the University of Maryland – College Park noticed a problem that is common at colleges across the country: huge amounts of [Read More...]

We are so much more than what we seem

A shorter version of this clip has been making the rounds on social media: it’s an ad for a lingerie company in Asia with a beautiful and unexpected pro-life message. But you really should see the two other films that are part of this campaign. They are stunners, and convey again and again the theme [Read More...]