The distressing disguise of the poor: “I’m not a bum. I’m a human being”

  Meet Ronald Davis, a homeless man from Chicago whose story has suddenly become a social media sensation: As one of Chicago’s more than 105,000 estimated homeless citizens, Ronald Davis’ story of struggling to survive on the streets may not be unique — but the reaction to his plea for work and dignity certainly is. A [Read More...]

Pat Summerall’s redemption: “Someone had to die for me to live”

Pat Summerall, the sportscasting legend who died yesterday, struggled with alcoholism for much of his life.  He was also a born-again Christian. From his obit:  After an intervention involving, among others, former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, former CBS Sports President Peter Lund and former PGA Tour Commissioner Deane Beaman, Summerall checked into the Betty Ford [Read More...]

“God knows, too, what it is to lose a loved one in an unjust attack…”

I quoted from this sermon after Sandy Hook, and it’s worth reprinting here today. This is part of the great Presbyterian minister Timothy Keller’s sermon which he preached on the five-year anniversary of 9/11: I’d like to freely acknowledge that every faith – and we are an interfaith gathering today – every faith has great [Read More...]

The good people of Boston

They were everywhere Monday: the good guys.  EMS workers, rescuers, cops, volunteers, runners who completed the race and kept running, to go to the hospital and donate blood. People noticed the Twitter feed of former New England Patriot star Joe Andruzzi went quiet Monday afternoon.  Turns out, he was helping victims downtown.  (See picture). That’s [Read More...]

Historic: First U.S. teen with Down syndrome reaches Mt. Everest base camp

Awesome:  A courageous young man from Oregon made history with the first recorded account of an American teenager with Down syndrome to reach a base camp of Mt. Everest. After nearly two weeks of walking, 15-year old Eli Reimer reached 17,600 feet. Eli’s father, Justin, joined his son for the ascent in an effort to raise funds [Read More...]

After Ezra: a must-read story about how a Hindu and Baptist joined the Church at Easter

Honestly, my headline doesn’t do justice to this piece.  Just drop everything and take the time to read this. I can’t remember the last time a secular publication (in this case, the Des Moines Register) offered such a beautiful and inspiring story of Catholicism, told with a tone that is not only respectful, but actually [Read More...]

Take a deep breath and watch something wonderful

With all the papal craziness—who’s up, who’s down, who’s electable, who’s not—here’s a welcome palate-cleanser that helps put it all in perspective. You want to see the gospel in action?  Here it is. From the CBS Evening News last Friday night, Steve Hartman has the story of a mentally challenged high school basketball manager who [Read More...]

In rare operation, Iraq war vet receives double arm transplant

Brendan Marrocco lost all four limbs in the war, but as he explains in the video below, what was most devastating was losing his arms. The miracle of science may have helped change some of that. Watch the PBS video below. And you can read more about his journey at his website. What an amazing [Read More...]

The inspiring life of “Super Antonio”: “We are all children, like him”

This is pretty terrific, and deeply moving: a short video about a boy named Antonio Lopez from northern Spain.  He has cerebral palsy but has become a kind of hero to his classmates, who have embraced him with something that can only be called love.   (Hey, any kid who likes Angry Birds is okay [Read More...]

“Sing all the time”

That’s the advice given to Lazaro Arbos on “American Idol” the other night — and I couldn’t agree more. This Cuban immigrant struggles with a monumental stammer. But listen to what happens when he opens his mouth to sing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” For anyone who has ever battled the hurt and shame of stuttering…or [Read More...]