Awesome: turning a homeless shelter into a 5-star restaurant for one night

Just watch. This one is a keeper:  A professional prankster decided to give back on April Fools’ Day. Greg Benson teamed up with a restaurant crew to turn a homeless shelter into a five-star restaurant for the day. He and staff dressed up the dining area and served everyone a three-course meal that included filet [Read More...]

Best. Brother. Ever.

Well, at least the best video of a brother going to visit his sister—ever. Watch how a guy in Guatemala decided to surprise his sister back home in France for her birthday. You will smile. You will laugh. You may even cry.  It’s sweet. Take a look. [Read more...]

Hooray for Holy-wood!

My blog neighbor Tony Rossi watched the Oscars last night so the rest of us didn’t have to—and caught some inspiration and some religion, to boot: One sweet moment occurred during Jared Leto’s Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech when he spoke about his mother’s past and shared a story that could give hope to other young women [Read More...]

Must-see video: what this little boy did with $20 will move you beyond words

From last week’s CBS Evening News. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. And wondrous. [Read more...]

“You’re gonna talk about tonight for a long time”

Those words kick off this extraordinary video that is rapidly working its way around the world: Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer, addressing a group of evangelicals, and introducing a brief video, shot on his iPhone, featuring his old friend, Pope Francis. This is, in a word, stunning. It’s 45 minutes long, but take time to watch [Read More...]

Hungry and you fed me: one student’s great idea puts leftovers to use

Here’s a great story from my home state (and my alma mater) about a college student who saw a desperate need and found a way to fill it:  A few years ago, students at the University of Maryland – College Park noticed a problem that is common at colleges across the country: huge amounts of [Read More...]

We are so much more than what we seem

A shorter version of this clip has been making the rounds on social media: it’s an ad for a lingerie company in Asia with a beautiful and unexpected pro-life message. But you really should see the two other films that are part of this campaign. They are stunners, and convey again and again the theme [Read More...]

America’s best Super Bowl party

It happened in Philadelphia:  A local organization opened its doors Sunday for homeless people across Philadelphia to come in and watch the Super Bowl and have a few snacks. The 11th annual Super Bowl party for the homeless is a project of the Chosen 300 Ministries in the city’s Spring Garden neighborhood. People who attended [Read More...]

A familiar song, as you’ve never heard it before

You’ll recognize this tune a few notes into the first verse—but I don’t think you’ve ever heard the sentiments expressed quite like this. Beautiful and consoling.  Thanks to Paul Snatchko for sharing words we all need to hear every now and then. [Read more...]

Christ among us: meet the doctor making house calls to people without houses

Photo: Martha Rial/Pittsburgh Magazine You won’t see anything more beautiful and inspiring than this. Pittsburgh’s Dr. Jim Withers operates his practice with a simple idea: the best way to care for the homeless is to treat them where they live. Nightly, he takes to the streets with a man who once was homeless, to care for [Read More...]