A familiar song, as you’ve never heard it before

You’ll recognize this tune a few notes into the first verse—but I don’t think you’ve ever heard the sentiments expressed quite like this. Beautiful and consoling.  Thanks to Paul Snatchko for sharing words we all need to hear every now and then. [Read more...]

Christ among us: meet the doctor making house calls to people without houses

Photo: Martha Rial/Pittsburgh Magazine You won’t see anything more beautiful and inspiring than this. Pittsburgh’s Dr. Jim Withers operates his practice with a simple idea: the best way to care for the homeless is to treat them where they live. Nightly, he takes to the streets with a man who once was homeless, to care for [Read More...]

Inspiring new Duracell commercial featuring deaf NFL star Derrick Coleman

The story:  Coleman is essentially deaf. He’s been that way since being diagnosed with a genetic and incurable hearing impairment as a toddler. The disability could have stopped Coleman. Instead, he adapted, starring as a running back in high school and at UCLA before catching on as fullback with the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent. [Read More...]

“Falling only makes us stronger”

I needed this today. A great and inspiring ad from P&G for the Sochi Olympics.  Watch and share. [Read more...]

Once in a while, Hollywood does something amazing. Here’s one example.

20th Century Fox gave this producer $25,000—part of the promotional budget for “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”—to help the Philippines. Take six minutes and watch how lives were changed. Incredible. [Read more...]

A classic: Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s resolutions

Here are some simple rules for living, from the iconic songwriter and troubadour: At age 31, he was in the prime of his life, with a wife and three kids, as well as a good deal of life experience, having survived the Dust Bowl to make it out to California. As a result, it’s a [Read More...]

Must-see video: man asks homeless what they want for Christmas—and then gives it to them

I love this. The so-called Random Altruist does something wonderful.  Just watch. [Read more...]

“All of life is Christmas, an eternal gift from God…”

Lest we forget, some beautiful words from my friend, Trappist Fr. James Stephen Behrens: The world is a feast of mysteries and we see but really do not understand them. We cannot penetrate them with our knowledge, our alleged sophistication. Yet they come again and again. We cannot catch them and hold them, to better [Read More...]

A pastor’s investment: give each parishioner $50—and a challenge

Photo: Dan Gross/The Gazette What a great idea:  It was like a collection basket in reverse. Instead of collecting money to help the church’s outreach programs, Pastor Anne Benefield of Geneva Presbyterian Church in Potomac put money and a challenge in the hands of her parishioners. At the end of her Sept. 8 sermon, each [Read More...]

UPDATE: Girl whose Christmas wish inspired thousands dies

You probably saw this story a few days ago. Her journey has come to an end:  A little girl whose Christmas wish inspired thousands of people to sing in the streets died overnight. Laney Brown, 8, suffered from leukemia. “Our little angel on earth earned her pink glittery angel wings in heaven,” a post on an official [Read More...]