Stop everything and read this. It will make your day. Really.

From Rebecca Frech at “Shoved to Them,” a testimony that will make you see everything differently: The older kids and I went to a different parish for Mass last night. The events of the day had run longer than expected, and by the time we realized it we were too late for the 5pm Mass. A [Read More...]

For Veterans Day: “It was that place that God said, ‘Do you still trust me?’”

From the superlative “Sunday Morning” at CBS, via correspondent David Martin and producer Mary Walsh: a moving look at wounded warriors healing from their past by making music. Watch. This is television to move the heart and stir the soul. [Read more...]

Redemption: Sister Mary Sean’s remarkable ministry to ex-convicts

  Photo: Tony Avelar/Christian Science Monitor From the Christian Science Monitor:  In the soft light of early evening, the smell of curried chilies wafts through the screen door of this two-story, Craftsman-style house in a tidy section of South Los Angeles. As bicycle bells jingle and ice-cream trucks pass by, four men sit in rockers, telling [Read More...]

“God meddles in our miseries, he approaches our wounds and heals them with his hands”

Using that stunning picture from earlier in the week as a starting point, CNS has posted an overview of some memorable photographic moments with Pope Francis. Writer Carol Glatz makes note of something beautiful the pontiff said during a recent homily: “God meddles in our miseries, he approaches our wounds and heals them with his [Read More...]

First look: “One Chance,” the Paul Potts movie

Who could forget the amazing saga of Paul Potts, who set the template for Susan Boyle and countless other performers? Now his story has been made into a movie, produced by Simon Cowell (among others).  I have to say: this looks really good.  (But I’m a sucker for this sort of thing anyway…)  Take a [Read More...]

Thomas Peters writes: “I have never felt God’s presence as much as I do since the accident”

Over at Catholic Vote, Thomas Peters has written for the first time about the crippling accident that has changed his life. It’s a powerful, deeply moving testimony that he calls, with a breathtaking understatement, “Reflections on My Time Away.” You’ll want to read it all and share it. A snip:  A major accident is an [Read More...]

Inspiring: 22-year-old cancer survivor joins the convent

A beautifully rendered story of survival and faith, from CNS and videographer Tyler Orsburn.  Take a look.  Keep this young woman in your prayers! The Dialog in Wilmington published this profile of the postulant: Up until a few weeks ago, Iliana Maldonado was a typical 20-something in the United States. She had a steady job [Read More...]

What a story: orphan goes to church in search of a family to adopt him

Photo: Melissa Lyttle, Tampa Bay Times Wow.  Just wow. From The Tampa Bay Times in Florida: As soon as they pulled into the church lot, Davion changed his mind. ”Miss! Hey, Miss!” he called to his caseworker, who was driving. “I don’t want to do this anymore.” In the back seat, he hugged the Bible [Read More...]

To live the gospel without compromise, “be prepared for constant changes”

This is today’s reflection from Give Us This Day, the monthly prayer periodical published by Liturgical Press and my frequent companion on my morning subway ride.  (Full disclosure: I’m also a contributor.) This meditation comes from Servant of God Catherine de Hueck Doherty, who knew Thomas Merton back in the days before he entered the [Read More...]

After couple cancels wedding plans, bride’s family turns reception into a dinner for the homeless

Willie H. Fowler (center), his daughter Tamara and wife Carol (right) socialize with Elisabeth Omilami.  Photo: Jonathan Phillips/Atlanta Journal-Constitution I love this story:  Hosts of a cancelled wedding donated an elaborate reception to Atlanta’s homeless last Sunday. Carol and Willie Fowler teamed up with Hosea Feed the Hungry, a local organization serving families in need, to [Read More...]