The struggles of being a woman minister—and staying employed

We don’t usually think about people in ministry being out of work and struggling to make ends meet. But this profile of one woman in New York City offers a different perspective: The Rev. Dominique C. Atchison stood at the lectern in the church fellowship hall, her voice soaring, her body swaying. There were joyful [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “Invoke from God the gift of peace”

Two remarkable moments from a remarkable day, via CNS. Pope Francis makes an unscheduled stop to pray at the West Bank wall dividing Palestine and Israel. And he meets and embraces the Patriarch of Constantinople. [Read more...]

Interfaith group criticizes prayer at World War II Memorial

Details: An interfaith coalition has again asked the U.S. House of Representatives to reject a prayer plaque at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. The proposed plaque, which is under the consideration of a House subcommittee, would feature a prayer spoken by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the radio on D-Day, June 6, 1944. “O Lord, [Read More...]

Christian in the Holy Land: “For me, it doesn’t matter where I pray. I am attending God’s house.”

An interesting glimpse at a phenomenon in the Holy Land, from CNS:  Suheir Saliba was running late as she prepared to go to the Easter Divine Liturgy with her husband, Aimad Kamal, and his family. Saliba, a Catholic, had a late night. She, along with other Catholic and Greek Orthodox residents of the village, had [Read More...]

Two churches, Catholic and Episcopal, bless palms together

The Rev. Noah H. Evans, center, rector of Grace Episcopal Church, and the Rev. Chip Hines, pastor of St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Parish, greet one another at the beginning of the joint celebration. Great idea, from the Medford Transcript in Massachusetts:  For more than 30 years, Medford’s St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church and Grace Episcopal [Read More...]

Pope encourages Muslim-Christian group meeting “Together Around Mary, Our Lady”

From ZENIT:  The 8th Islamic-Christian Prayer Meeting was held Tuesday, feast of the Annunciation, in Beirut, Lebanon, and focused on the theme “Together around Mary, Our Lady.” The Solemnity of the Annunciation is marked by both Christians and Muslims and was declared a national holiday by the Lebanese government in 2010 The meeting was organized [Read More...]

Megachurch pastor stuns congregation by announcing he’s converting to Catholicism

Details:  During his Sunday morning service, Ulf Ekman announced the he and his wife, Birgitta, are converting to Roman Catholicism. Ekman is the founder of Word of Life, a megachurch in Uppsala, Sweden. News reports and blogs coming out of the nation reveal congregation was “partially stunned” after hearing what was packaged as a “special announcement.” The theme was “follow the [Read More...]

Catholic Church pushing for right to use the word “Allah”

From The Wall Street Journal:  The Catholic Church is gearing up for an expected tough fight Wednesday at Malaysia’s highest court when it argues for the right to appeal a lower court decision banning it from using the word “Allah” in its newspaper. The lower court ruled the word is exclusive to Muslims, who make [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “A community does not belong to the preacher, but to Christ”

Hot on the heels of that headline-making video presented to evangelicals last week, Pope Francis offered some stirring remarks on Christian unity during the Angelus yesterday: In his address to them he urged them to work for Christian unity avoiding all divisions, because he said: “a community does not belong to the preacher, but to [Read More...]

“That all may be one”

Deacon Bill Ditewig reminds us that we are beginning the International Week of Prayer for Christian Unity—and after the recent controversy over that picture with Cardinal O’Malley, quotes this passage from Lumen gentium: The Church recognizes that in many ways she is linked with those who, being baptized, are honored with the name of Christian, though [Read More...]