Was Jesus more like Jon Stewart? Those parables may not be what you thought

From The Boston Globe comes this intriguing interview with Amy-Jill Levine, a New Testament scholar whose new book “Short Stories by Jesus” offers a view of the parables you might not expect. Snip:  IDEAS: A theme of this book is that the parables should not be seen as platitudes. LEVINE: Parables have often been domesticated. They’re taught [Read More...]

Jesus Christ, World Cup star

First there was the Italian TV ad showing Rio’s famous statue of Christ wearing a soccer uniform. Now this. As CNS notes: A statue of the infant Jesus, dressed in a replica of the Mexican national soccer team’s uniform, is displayed at St. Gabriel the Archangel Church in Mexico City June 10.   (CNS photo/Daniel [Read More...]

A resort rises at site where Jesus may have taught

From The New York Times:  For the Rev. Juan M. Solana, it was the spiritual equivalent of striking oil. When he set out to develop a resort for Christian pilgrims in Galilee, he unearthed a holy site: the presumed hometown of Mary Magdalene and an ancient synagogue where experts say Jesus may well have taught. [Read More...]

Researchers report new details on how the “Man of the Shroud” died

From Vatican Insider:  The Man of the Shroud “underwent an under glenoidal dislocation of the humerus on the right side and lowering of the shoulder, and has a flattened hand and enophthalmos; conditions that have not been described before, despite several studies on the subject. These injuries indicate that the Man suffered a violent blunt [Read More...]

“How can you represent Jesus like this?”

Do we recognize Jesus when we encounter him? That’s a question I’ll be addressing in this weekend’s homily—it’s one of the themes buried in the story of the disciples traveling to Emmaus—and I’ll be talking specifically about this controversial sculpture by Timothy Schmalz. The Christian Post has more: Chicago is the most recent city to [Read More...]

Scientists uncover what may be an early image of Christ

Some intriguing news from the world of archeology: Spanish archaeologists have discovered what may be one of the earliest depictions of Jesus in an ancient Egyptian tomb. Painted on the walls of a mysterious underground stone structure in the ancient Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchus, about 100 miles south of Cairo, the image shows a young [Read More...]

Fox developing series about the young Jesus

And that’s not all. Details:  With popularity of Bible-themed projects showing no signs of subsiding, Fox has put in development Nazareth, an event series written/executive produced by David Franzoni (Gladiator) and executive produced by Bob Cooper. Nazareth is the first project under an overall deal for event series that Fox has signed with Cooper’s Landscape Entertainment. It follows the formative years [Read More...]

Jesus at 70: Ted Neeley continues to sing his iconic role, hopes to perform for the pope

Details: Ted Neeley, the original lead in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, is back four decades on as the son of God in the hit musical in Rome, and hopes Pope Francis will be in the audience. The pontiff will be “just down the street and we’re hoping he’s going to come visit us and see the [Read More...]

Is this the Holy Grail?

Just in time for Easter, from The New York Daily News: Two historians claim the search for the Holy Grail is over. The famous cup used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper was identified in a book written by Margarita Torres Jose Manuel Ortega del Rio, titled “Kings of the Grail” and published last [Read More...]

If Jesus had a “Look Back” Facebook video

Someone was bound to do it, and here it is. The LA Times explains:  What would Jesus do if he were on Facebook? Make “A Look Back” video, naturally. To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Facebook let users create their own cornball videos featuring their photos, status updates and major life events. Hundreds of millions have done [Read More...]