Elf on a shelf? What are you, meshugenah??

You need a Mensch on a Bench! But somehow I don’t think it’s a deacon’s bench. Details:  Elf on a Shelf has quickly become a part of many families’ Christmas celebrations over the past few years. When Neal Hoffman’s young son Jacob asked if they could have an Elf, Hoffman came up with an idea [Read More...]

Hallmark pulls wrapping paper over complaint about “swastika pattern”

The Kansas City Star reports: A Walgreen’s customer in California saw a blue and silver roll of gift wrap that at first glance looked like Hannukah paper. At second glance, she saw a swastika in the design. Kansas City-based Hallmark Cards Inc., which licensed the wrapping paper rolls, heard about the problem Sunday night and [Read More...]

“Look to media as an apostolic opportunity…”

Some solid advice and a little bit of wisdom, via Catholic News Agency:  Catholics should see the secular media as an opportunity to evangelize and more effectively reach “people who need heroes and need the Gospel,” said the head of a Catholic communications organization. “Look to media as an apostolic opportunity. Call reporters, be their friends. [Read More...]