Bishop stops speech, changes venue when reporter refuses to leave

Details:  Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino halted a public speech Wednesday night at UW-Platteville and switched the venue to a Catholic student center after a reporter in the audience refused to leave. The bishop’s action followed the appearance at the event of nine protesters opposed to his leadership. They demonstrated with signs outside Doudna Hall, [Read More...]

Quinn Bradlee’s beautiful eulogy for his father, Ben

The Washington Post has just printed (and posted the video) of Quinn Bradlee, speaking at his father Ben Bradlee’s funeral yesterday at the National Cathedral. Quinn, 32, has learning disabilities and also has velo-cardial-facial syndrome. But the words he spoke at the funeral are deeply felt, eloquent, and profoundly personal. An excerpt:  A lot of people [Read More...]

Looking for the perfect gift for the deacon in your life? Look no further

Give a subscription to Deacon Digest! Deacon Digest is the only publication written especially for Catholic permanent deacons, deacon candidates, and their families.  It’s a rich trove of information on the life and ministry of the deacon, with helpful and interesting articles on preaching, marriage, liturgy, you name it. The brainchild of veteran journalist Jim Alt [Read More...]

Great moments in journalism: Daniel Berger, doing his part to bolster MSNBC’s credibility

David Mills noted yesterday: “Pope Francis made a significant rhetorical break with Catholic tradition Monday by declaring that the theories of evolution and the Big Bang are real,” announced MSBNC reporter Daniel Berger. He is, to excuse him a little, a “policy wonk” who covers politics and whose favorite tv shows are The Rachel Maddow Show, Hardball with [Read More...]

Ben Bradlee, the pope and me

I met Ben Bradlee once nearly 40 years ago, when I took a summer journalism seminar for high school students at the University of Maryland. The teacher was a junior editor at The Washington Post, and he scored the great coup of getting his boss, Bradlee, to come in one day to talk with us [Read More...]

In the Kasper-Pentin fiasco, they’re both wrong

Reading over the transcript of the now-infamous exchange between Cardinal Walter Kasper and Edward Pentin, I’m struck by one over-arching point. It’s this:  both men blundered and both men are wrong. In no particular order, some bullet points: 1. First, Cardinal Kasper is no naif. He is a creature of the media, who has done [Read More...]

Powerful video: TV anchor announces on the air that he is dying of cancer

Details from AP:  A television news anchorman fighting brain cancer in Illinois told viewers he has only four to six months to live, but he hopes to work as long as he can. During a newscast on Thursday, Dave Benton told viewers of WCIA-TV in Champaign that doctors recently told him that his brain tumor [Read More...]

Steven Sotloff, devout Jew, fasted and prayed while in captivity

Here is devotion, fidelity, humility and faith. From The Washington Post:  The secrets that couldn’t be known about beheaded journalist Steven Sotloff during his captivity were revealed in detail Wednesday: The 31-year-old was Jewish, had dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship and apparently maintained his Jewish ritual life while being held by ISIS. The Forward, a major U.S. [Read More...]

Boston Globe debuts its Catholic website, Crux

This unusual new media venture was unveiled today, and The Neiman Journalism Lab looks at what lies behind this new website devoted to “all things Catholic”: Looking at the newly launched Catholic news site Crux, you’ll find plenty of stories on the travels and exploits of Pope Francis. This makes sense — he’s the head of the [Read More...]

Great moments in journalism: CNN interviews man who pinpoints origin of California earthquake—and it’s not what they thought

From The Washington Post:  Breaking news coverage is challenging: Updates are flying in from everywhere; official sources don’t communicate everything they know; competition is brisk; and there are pranksters, as MSNBC learned earlier this summer upon the downing of MH17. Someone claiming to have been a U.S. military official got on the network’s live coverage [Read More...]