Pope Francis at the Mass of Our Lord’s Supper: “Washing your feet means I am at your service”

From Vatican Radio:  The Washing of the Feet, or Mandatum, is an integral part of the Holy Thursday liturgy, the Missa in Coena Domini, or Mass of Our Lord’s Supper, which opens the Easter Triduum The Washing of the Feet is a sign of service. Or as Pope Francis told about 40 young detainees gathered [Read More...]

Pope’s Holy Thursday Mass: simple, diverse, closed to the media

From the Vatican:  The Mass of the Lord’s Supper that Pope Francis will celebrate on Holy Thursday in the chapel of the Casal del Marmo Penitential Institute for Minors (IPM) will be, by his express desire, very simple, as reported by the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J. Concelebrating with [Read More...]

Two popes, two Palm Sundays—UPDATED

An interesting study in contrasts. UPDATE: A reader asks: “Where are Francis’ deacons?” I found this shot below. The reader wondered about why deacons shown above with Benedict were wearing mitres. I suspect they are cardinals (or bishops) serving as deacons for the liturgy.  However, the deacon proclaiming the gospel below is most likely a [Read More...]

Vestment alert: Bergoglio in fiddleback

Source. [Read more...]

Pope Francis to celebrate Holy Thursday Mass at juvenile prison—UPDATED

Our surprising new pope continues to surprise. From Vatican Radio:  It was announced by the Holy See Press Office on Thursday that Pope Francis will celebrate the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper at the juvenile prison ‘Casal del Marmo’ in Rome, the same facility visited by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007. The Mass [Read More...]

Mass appeal: some details of tomorrow’s papal inauguration—UPDATED

A few choice nuggets:  Regarding the beginning of the ceremony, the Pope, once having entered the Basilica, will head to the Confession (St. Peter’s tomb under the high altar) while trumpets will announce the “Tu es Petrus”. The Pope will venerate the tomb of St. Peter, together with the Patriarchs and Major Archbishops of the [Read More...]

Memo to priests: there’s a new guy to mention at Mass

My blog neighbor and brother in Holy Orders, Fr. Mike Duffy, takes note (and uses duct tape): Read his reflections on this momentous event, as a new priest welcomes a new pope. [Read more...]

Conclave: it’s not just an election, it’s liturgy, “a prayer from beginning to end”

As we prepare for history to be made, some insight from the Catholic Register in Canada:  In all the talk of politics and front-runners and leaks to the Italian newspapers, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that a papal conclave is a liturgy — just like a baptism or a wedding in [Read More...]

Pray for Benedict during the Mass—just not out loud

It happened at my parish this weekend — and no doubt, at countless others around the world: the priest, out of habit, accidentally mentioned the name of Benedict during the Eucharistic Prayer. It’s one small change to the liturgy that takes place during the “sede vacante” period.  CNS has more:  The resignation of the pope, [Read More...]

Great moments in liturgy: the priest who has Superman on his vestments

Details:  Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No … it’s SuperPriest! Catholic padre Humberto Alvarez of Saltillo, Mexico, is getting plenty of online love because of these images showing him wearing robes covered in superhero images when he celebrates children’s Mass. Not many members of the clergy would sport pictures of Superman, Batman [Read More...]