Midnight Mass in Queens

The gifted photographer Niranjan Fernando captured these beautiful images from last night at my parish, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, in Forest Hills. [Read more...]

“Once in royal David’s city…”

Still and forever my favorite Christmas hymn. This serves as the processional for Midnight Mass at my parish.  The lights dim, a hush falls, and a small armada of 40 or so red-cassocked altar servers begin gliding into the church, working down the side aisle, rounding a corner, then up the center. The line grows, [Read More...]

Deacon on strike??

From the mailbag of Fr. Z: From a deacon: Dear Father Z, my parish priest is leftist and modernist (like the vast majority of priests and bishops here in ___) and always changes the words of the Missal, adding his personal opinions. His homilies are more about ___ than the Gospel. My question is: as [Read More...]

When it’s appropriate to clap at Mass: a handy list

Marcel over at Aggie Catholics has a helpful post about applause during liturgy. While it’s frowned upon—the pope is not a fan of it—there are a few instances when it might be acceptable: Clapping is usually done for a human achievement and is not for God. So, it is a misplaced act in most liturgies. There are [Read More...]

Survey: one year on, most Americans have accepted new missal

The world did not end, and people actually seem to be just fine with it.  Details: American Catholics have widely accepted the changes in the Roman Catholic Mass to reflect a closer translation of the Latin that was introduced last year, even if these revisions may signal greater centralization in the church, according to a [Read More...]

Video: my parish centennial

For the really curious, or really bored, here’s something nifty: a short video report from NET on my parish centennial from last Sunday, featuring a couple highlights of the Mass, along with interviews with Bishop DiMarzio and my new pastor, Bishop Sanchez. (Look closely and you may catch a fleeting glimpse of Your Humble Blogger.) [Read More...]

What’s turning off young Catholics? Lousy music

So says a leading lay Catholic in Scotland. Details:  A leading Scots lay Catholic has claimed the music sung in churches is “lousy” and is the reason why young people have stopped going to Mass. Joan Dillon, a Masters graduate of RSAMD (now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), also claimed music at Mass was “more [Read More...]

Faith of our grandfathers

Elizabeth Scalia captures a beautiful moment in time:  6:36 AM: To the right of the altar, on a worn kneeler, another gray-haired man. He too has lit a candle—electric, this time—before an image of Saint Joseph, patron of husbands and fathers and workers; of immigrants and the whole church and a happy death. There is [Read More...]

Picture this: our parish centennial Mass

The superb photographer Niranjan Fernando, a parishioner, captured these images from my parish centennial Mass Sunday. (N.B., the lady lector is The Deacon’s Wife :-)) [Read more...]

On the horizon: revised Liturgy of the Hours

But don’t give away your old set just yet. A new translation is years away. From Catholic News Service: Just a year after U.S. Catholics began using the new English translation of the Roman Missal at Masses, the bishops agreed Nov. 13 to have work begin on a revision of the Liturgy of the Hours. [Read More...]