In Alaska, the changes at Mass go beyond the new missal

The bishops up north are implementing changes in posture at certain points in the liturgy — and even giving very explicit instructions on how to receive communion, right down to which hand to use and how to open your mouth: On Sunday, Nov. 27, Roman Catholic parishes across the United States and much of the [Read More...]

My first Mass with an iPad

Last year, a priest in Italy (pictured below) made headlines when he celebrated Mass using the iPad instead of a book. Now I know what it’s like. We did that today. At CNEWA, we have monthly Mass in the office boardroom, with about two dozen people, a couple of priests and (ahem) one deacon. Today, [Read More...]

Bishop’s decree: stop holding hands

Hot on the heels of the new Roman Missal translation, the Bishop of Covington, Roger J. Foys, has issued a decree clarifying the proper gestures and postures for Mass, according to rubrics laid out in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. As he notes: The rituals of the Roman Church, of which we are [Read More...]

Did you burn your old books?

What can you do with an old sacramentary? Here’s one suggestion: Details: After the switch to a new Mass translation, old liturgical books should be respectfully buried, either intact or after being burned, according to the U.S. bishops. “Whether or not the Sacramentary has been blessed by an official rite, it is appropriate to treat [Read More...]

And now, the first funeral with the new missal…

A lifetime parishioner — baptized in our church, in fact — and longtime trustee of the parish died just before Thanksgiving.  This morning, we had his funeral, the first with the new Roman Missal. There was a substantial turnout, and a sizable crowd in the sanctuary, too: four priests, two deacons, six altar servers, and [Read More...]

An important point people keep getting wrong about the new Mass

Over the last couple days, as reaction has trickled in to the new translation of the Mass, there seems to be a common theme: we the people haven’t been affected as much, because it’s the priest who has all the newfangled words and prayers to worry about.  “Our parts,” people in the pews seem to [Read More...]

E-mail of the day

Sent to me on FB, from a former boss at CBS News (now retired) who also happens to be Protestant: Hi, For what it’s worth…three guys in the locker room at the gym this morning were talking about the new translation. They seemed to like it. It was better than hearing their usual talk about [Read More...]

“You get used to it”

That’s how one Washington, DC Catholic reacted to the new translation of the Missal here: Prayers learned and memorized in school, such as the Nicene Creed, the Apostles’ Creed, the Penitential Act, the Gloria, are now different enough to cause the congregation to stumble, hesitate and stutter, as some parishioners did through the 10 a.m. Mass [Read More...]

The last word

Lest we forget: Go forth, the mass is ended. or Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord. or Go in peace, glorifying the Lord with your life. Those are the biggest changes in the Missal involving the deacon: the three new dismissals.  (I’m partial to the last one myself.) The most important word, of [Read More...]

Homily for November 27, 2011: 1st Sunday of Advent

[Click here for the readings.] If I had to name the most inspiring hour of television I’ve seen this past year, it would be no contest: it was Diane Sawyer’s interview earlier this month with Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. To see and hear Gabby Giffords, to see how alive she was after so many had literally [Read More...]