Celebrating Mass at Celebration

One of the pleasures of traveling around the country is getting to experience Mass at different parishes. This week my wife and I found ourselves in Orlando, and decided to visit Corpus Christi Church in the nearby town of Celebration. It’s a pretty church, relatively new, seating around 500 people. It has an adoration chapel [Read More...]

Sweet Charlotte: a final impression

Over the week, I’ve posted a few times about the liturgies and events I experienced during my visit to Charlotte this week for the Catholic Media Conference.  (Shown above: St. Patrick’s Cathedral.) Friday night, just before the awards dinner, I had the opportunity to vest for the annual memorial Mass—the final liturgy of the event, [Read More...]

Mass in Charlotte

Journalists gathered for the Catholic Media Conference attended Mass tonight at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Charlotte—which is a little different from the St. Patrick’s I know in New York. When you look up, you’re awed. The ceiling is just gorgeous. The building itself, meantime, is more like a parish church than a traditional cathedral, with [Read More...]

On the use of cameras during Mass

Some great observations from Msgr. Charles Pope:  I live just up the street from the U.S. Capitol and it is fascinating to watch the tourists go by on the buses. Many of them are so busy taking a picture of the Capitol (a picture they could easily find in a book or on the Internet) [Read More...]

With the deacon candidates of Springfield

This is a big ordination weekend for several dioceses, where I know they’ll be ordaining new deacons later today; I hope to have pictures and news about that later this weekend. Meantime, I’m privileged to be spending a few days giving a retreat to the deacon candidates of Springfield, Illinois, who will receive the ministry [Read More...]

Mass in the Extraordinary Form at a Brooklyn church—UPDATED

Some may remember the pictures I posted last week, showcasing the newly renovated Holy Name of Jesus church in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Saturday, they put the beautiful James Renwick-designed altar to good use and celebrated Mass in the Extraordinary Form. The pastor, Fr. James Cunningham, reports close to 200 people showed up. Fathers Brandon O’Brien, [Read More...]

Is it appropriate to display the American flag in church?

The question arises after I posted the image below on Facebook. It comes from my own parish: a display that was set up for Memorial Day, next to the ambo. Normally, the flag sits in a back corner of the sanctuary, with the papal (Vatican) flag in the other back corner. A couple of readers [Read More...]

Are chapel veils coming back?

CNS has a very good video looking at the phenomenon of chapel veils coming back into fashion. [Read more...]

Report: Church officials “extremely interested” in adding prayer at end of Mass for persecuted Christians

From The National Catholic Register:  A concerted effort is under way in Rome and in dioceses around the world to have Pope Francis introduce a prayer for the poor, persecuted and oppressed at the end of every Sunday Mass. The Register has learned that Church officials at the highest levels are “extremely interested” in having [Read More...]

Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil rehearsal

My Holy Saturday always begins with coffee and bagels with the RCIA folks in the rectory basement, followed by a two-hour rehearsal in the church of the Vigil, led by Deacon Bill McNamara (my ordination classmate and my parish’s DRE) and Father Frank Passenant, our administrator.  Also on hand is David James the head of [Read More...]