"What if we said 'wait'?" missal critic says: nevermind

An outspoken critic of the new missal is reversing course: A prominent Catholic pastor in Seattle is “letting go” of his campaign against a new Latinized translation of the church liturgy, but not his convictions in starting it. “It is the people who will have the last word on the new missal once it is [Read More...]

Receiving ashes: it's not just a Catholic thing

And it seems a lot of Protestants are embracing the penitential practices of the season, too: Although receiving ashes on the forehead as a visible sign of penance has been a traditional Roman Catholic practice for centuries, many Protestant denominations have adopted the tradition, too. “Lutherans receive ashes at Ash Wednesday services,” said the Rev. [Read More...]

How's the Latin mass being received these days?

Nearly four years after the motu proprio that made possible greater access to the Latin mass, John Allen has an interesting interview with Fr. Richard Hilgartner, Executive Director of the Secretariat for Divine Worship of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. A priest of the Baltimore archdiocese, Hilgartner studied liturgical theology at the prestigious [Read More...]

"I beg you to forgive me": priest who concelebrated with minister suspended

This story sparked a lot of debate when it broke over the weekend.  Now, it turns out, the priest has been suspended — and has promptly issued an apology: The priest who invited a Presbyterian minister to concelebrate a Mass at St. Norbert Catholic Church in Orange has written a letter of apology to his [Read More...]

Ask not for whom the cell phone rings…

…it rings for thee.  And we can all hear it. A priest describes an all-too-common occurrence in today’s parish, in the latest edition of Commonweal: It was a Mass celebrating a major anniversary of the parish and I was right in the middle of the homily. It was also one of those exquisite moments when [Read More...]

Report: priest "concelebrated" mass with Protestant minister

It reportedly happened last weekend, in California. Details: Some parishioners at St. Norbert’s Church in Orange describe themselves as “shocked and appalled” after a priest there allowed a Presbyterian minister to concelebrate a Mass and receive Holy Communion on Sunday, Feb. 13. Sources from the parish told California Catholic Daily that Fr. Agustin Escobar (shown [Read More...]

The rite done right: making a funeral easier for everyone

It’s a recurring problem at some Catholic liturgies — notably, weddings and funerals — where a sizable number of those in attendance may not be church-going Catholics. How do you handle the blank stares and stony silences? (And the silence can be deafening, and dispiriting.  I’ve presided at a couple of weddings where, after I’ve [Read More...]

Say Amen: meet the Charismatic Catholics

Turns out, there’s a growing wave of them in Florida — which surprises quite a few non-Catholics: Most of the 300 or so in the room ignored the folding chairs and stood, swaying side to side, hands lifted in praise. They sang the lyrics projected onto a wall above them, “Holy Spirit, come with your [Read More...]

Coming soon: a motu proprio on the mass?

Reports out of the Vatican indicate that may be in the cards. From the New Liturgical Movement website: In the coming weeks a document of Benedict XVI will be released which reorganizes the competences of the Congregation for Divine Worship, entrusting it with the task of promoting a liturgy more faithful to the original intentions [Read More...]

Will the new missal really make the mass more reverent?

Probably not, according to Fr. Dwight Longenecker — and he makes some good points: Mass isn’t reverent simply because you start using lofty language that ‘sounds religious’. True reverence is the fruit of a condition of heart. Reverence in worship is a by product of a certain type of Catholic mindset. It is not the [Read More...]