The Passion: who reads what?

After reading the post about Elizabeth Scalia’s forgettable Palm Sunday, a couple folks on Facebook noted that, in fact, the congregation (voicing the “crowd”) isn’t really supposed to be involved in this gospel reading. Similarly, the voice of Christ should only belong to the priest (unless, for some reason, that’s just impossible.) I was surprised [Read More...]

A Palm Sunday to forget

This sounds just awful. From the vault, Elizabeth Scalia’s reflections on last year’s Palm Sunday fiasco at her parish: This past Sunday”Palm Sunday”the assembly was invited to put down their missalettes. The priest celebrant was escorted from the sanctuary and into a pew, and members of the liturgy committee entered with bare feet and grave [Read More...]

Deacon, on a mission from God

The third Blues Brother has been discovered. Palm Sunday vigil Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Forest Hills, Queens. Photo by Rosalind Chan-Ganzhi [Read more...]

CARA study shows unhappiness with new missal

From my conversations with clergy around the country, this result isn’t all that surprising. But the sampling is: just 539 parishes responded, out of 6,000 that were invited to participate (from about 17,000 parishes in the U.S. ) Nonetheless, here’s what those in the poll are saying, via NCR:  Leaders at 539 parishes across the [Read More...]

More on the Holy Thursday washing of the feet

Further evidence that it’s a big Church. The Diocese of San Jose has posted the following on its website, which offers some questions and answers—and some theological analysis—about the ritual that has lately gotten a lot of attention.  To wit:  The priest who presides at the Holy Thursday Mass should be the primary example for [Read More...]

Wisconsin bishop enforces ban on washing feet of women on Holy Thursday

It’s unusual to see something like this in a secular paper, but a reader spotted this in the Madison State Journal:  Just a few weeks after his election last spring, Pope Francis stunned papal observers by washing the feet of two women during a Holy Week ritual. The rite — on Maundy Thursday, just prior [Read More...]

A liturgical practicum for deacons?

I spotted this notice on an Orthodox website, and thought something like this might benefit Roman Catholic clergy, too—both priests and deacons: The Eighth Annual Diaconal Liturgical Practicum — a program held in conjunction with the Orthodox Church in America’s Diaconal Vocations Program (DVP) and St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary — will be held Sunday, June 22 through Wednesday, [Read More...]

“Remember you are dust…”

The scene this morning at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles. [Read more...]

Canadian archbishop issues decree banning eulogies

Details: Ottawa Catholics are no longer able to give eulogies for lost loved ones during funeral masses, after the Archbishop for the region issued a decree ending the practice this month. Archbishop Terrence Prendergast issued the decree, effective as of Feb. 2, because he said eulogies take away from what the funeral mass should be [Read More...]

Want to understand the Mass? There’s an app for that.

Miami is promoting an app that helps everyone to understand the Mass better: Called “Mass Explained,” it was created by a local Catholic, Dan Gonzalez, who made it completely interactive, with pictures, sounds and links to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, church documents and much more. Want to hear the Jewish blessing that precedes the [Read More...]