A glimpse at the “hip hop Mass”

The photo above is now making the rounds on Facebook. It appears to come from an Episcopal liturgy that first became popular in the United States about a decade ago. Check out this article on the hip hop Mass from 2004:  It’s a religious form of hip hop which includes the publication of a hip hop [Read More...]

Pope Francis will not confer palliums on bishops at the Vatican

From CNS: When Pope Francis celebrates the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul in June, he will set aside an element that has been part of the Mass for the past 32 years; the Vatican confirmed he will not confer the pallium on new archbishops during the liturgy. Msgr. Guido Marini, the papal master of [Read More...]

How did the ad orientem experiment turn out in Lincoln?

You may remember that Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, Nebraska announced he would celebrate Mass at the cathedral during Advent ad orientem, facing liturgical East. Here’s an interesting follow-up from a priest in Philadelphia, who reports some reaction he received to the experiment: A number of other parishes in the Diocese—probably on the order of [Read More...]

Altar girls, again: what happened when a SF parish banned girl altar servers—UPDATED

It must have been a slow news day in San Francisco, since it appears this led the local news last night: A Bay Area church is now under fire over a controversial new policy saying only boys can be altar servers. The new practice is making waves at the century old church Star of the Sea. Since [Read More...]

The pope’s liturgical “abuse”

Over at the blog Pray Tell, Anthony Ruff notes a recent letter regarding the Sign of Peace during Mass: One of the last acts of Cardinal Llovera as prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship was to sign, along with secretary Arthur Roche, the circular letter on the Sign of Peace of June 8, 2014. [Read More...]

In praise of altar girls—UPDATED

As you may have heard, Cardinal Raymond Burke is not a fan of female altar servers:  It seems clear that many men are not being drawn into a deeper liturgical spirituality; today, many men are not being drawn to service at the altar. Young men and men respond to rigor and precision and excellence. When [Read More...]

Andrew Cuomo delivers 40 minute eulogy at his father’s funeral

Andrew Cuomo by Pat Arnow via Wikipedia From The New York Daily News: Former Gov. Mario Cuomo was laid to rest Tuesday at a packed funeral highlighted by a stirring public farewell from his son, Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In an emotional and personal 39-minute eulogy, Cuomo, his voice sometimes quaking, branded his father “the keynote [Read More...]

Deacons: don’t forget to chant the date of Easter this Sunday

  Photo: Rosalind Chan Consider this your warm-up for the Exsultet. A lot of places don’t do this chant anymore; a visiting priest who heard me do it last January was amazed. “I’ve never heard that before, anywhere,” he said. But my parish also does arcane bits of liturgy like the Blessing of Chalk and marking [Read More...]

Announcing a Mass in the Extraordinary Form in Brooklyn

Earlier this year, I posted several times on the impressive restoration of Holy Name Catholic Church in Brooklyn. Last spring, the parish offered Mass in the Extraordinary Form—and now they’re planning to do it again. The church will offer Mass in the Extraordinary Form (a.k.a., the “Latin Mass”) for its feast day, January 4th, at 5 [Read More...]

The disappearing Midnight Mass — UPDATED

My pastor, Bishop Paul Sanchez, at Midnight Mass at our parish, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills, NY in 2013. (photo: Rosalind Chan) It’s happening in the United States—I know of more and more places that are offering “Midnight Mass” a few hours earlier—and it’s a phenomenon that has taken hold in the [Read More...]