A Priest Writes: “A New Translation Cannot Be Expected to Accomplish Everything” —UPDATED

After reading this latest post on how priests reportedly dislike the new Missal, a priest friend dropped me an email to share his impressions: One of the things going on here is very important, but I suspect most priests have never thought about it. I concelebrated at a Funeral Mass with an older priest (about [Read More...]

Survey: 60% of Priests Dislike New Missal

It’s unclear what the methodology was for this survey, so take it for what it’s worth. Details: More than a year after the changes took effect in U.S. parishes, a survey of American priests shows that they are more disturbed by the innovations than their flocks. In fact, the poll, conducted by researchers at St. [Read More...]

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a three-year-old saying Mass—UPDATED

A friend in Florida sent this my way, with an explanation: Samuel Jaramillo from Medellin, Colombia; 3 yrs. old, orphan of both parents. Being raised by his grandmother, who attends daily Mass with him since he was a baby. On his wish list last Christmas – a Mass kit. And look what happened next.  And [Read More...]

Spring fever: First Communions, weddings and “people who act as though they are at a ball game”

My blog neighbor Fr. Mike Duffy notes that it’s that time of year again: the season for weddings and First Communions.  Unfortunately, as Fr. Duffy notes, these events are often the very definition of a “mixed blessing”: I would never want to be cold or discourage anyone from coming to Church.  But I do hope [Read More...]

Two small but significant changes regarding Communion reception—UPDATED

A website calls attention to this item in a USCCB newsletter on the new Roman Missal, from January: What does the Missal say about the posture of the faithful when receiving Holy Communion? What about Communion in the hand? Both of these questions are covered in no. 160 of the GIRM. It states clearly there that the [Read More...]

Moving on from screaming babies: how about wandering children?

This happened today at the 11:30 Mass. Our celebrant, the vocations director for my diocese, had preached a homily about vocations—how we are all called to something—and was about to launch into the Eucharistic Prayer when, lo and behold, he got some company: a child who felt called to the sanctuary and all that neat [Read More...]

Priests and deacons and blessings (oh my!)

With ordination season rapidly approaching, some helpful information from canon lawyer Dr. Ed Peters:  1. The practice of receiving a priest’s “first blessing” after his ordination Mass is a praiseworthy custom, but there is no specific indulgence attached to receiving such a blessing or, for that matter, to attending a cleric’s ordination Mass. 2. There [Read More...]

Chicago’s Fr. Michael Pfleger gives final blessing at Roger Ebert’s funeral

Details:  As a standing ovation finally quieted inside Holy Name Cathedral, Chaz Ebert paid the last words of tribute to her husband, famed movie critic Roger Ebert. “He had a heart big enough to accept and love all,” Chaz Ebert said, telling the crowd of fans and friends under the vaulted ceilings of the church [Read More...]

A blast from the past: all about Pope Francis’ crozier

The always-reliable Cindy Wooden at CNS has the scoop on the papal accessory a lot of people were talking about—or complaining about (see comments here)— yesterday: At last evening’s Mass at the Basilica of St. John Lateran, Pope Francis carried a crozier that most people associate with Blessed John Paul II. As a matter of [Read More...]

Why doesn’t the pope sing? Here’s an answer.

From CNS:  Previously, [Vatican spokesman] Father [Federico] Lombardi dispelled rumors that the 76-year-old pope’s singing capacity or current state of health was impaired by an operation he had when he was 21 in which the upper half of his right lung was removed after cysts caused a severe lung infection. More recently, Father Lombardi said [Read More...]