Married Catholic priest: “I can’t be a good pastor if I’m a lousy dad or lousy husband”

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a story that will be familiar to a lot of deacons: On a January weeknight, Halyna Charron was finishing preparations of a dinner of spinach pie, pork and tabouli salad. Her husband, the Rev. Jason Charron, and all but the youngest of their six daughters, who range from 2 to 13 [Read More...]

NY Times: “Many divorced Catholics long for acceptance”

From Sunday’s paper:  Facing millions of divorced Catholics around the world, many of whom express frustration over their status in the church, the Vatican has begun a remarkable re-examination of the church’s treatment of worshipers whose marriages have broken apart. Pope Francis, who plans to make his first trip to the United States in September to attend [Read More...]

Pope Francis reminds Roman Rota that sacraments are free—and annulments should be, too

From Vatican Radio:  Pope Francis received the judges and advocates of the Roman Rota on Friday, to inaugurate the tribunal’s 2015 judicial term. The Roman Rota is the highest ordinary appellate court in the Church’s judicial system. The bulk of the work of the Rota involves deciding cases of marital nullity – marriage annulments, in [Read More...]

What we have come to: teenager announces plans to marry her father

Details:  A teenager has revealed in an interview that she plans to marry her father and have children after dating for two years. The unnamed 18-year-old revealed in an interview with New York Magazine her romantic relationship of almost two years with her biological father after being estranged from him for 12 years. In the [Read More...]

For worse and for better: a husband writes of his young wife’s mental illness

Photo by Jeff Belmonte from Cuiabá, Brazil via Wikipedia  A friend posted this on FB yesterday. It should be required reading for everyone in love, everyone who’s engaged, everyone who plans to embark on a lifetime commitment to another. If you want to know what “for better and for worse” means, here it is.  It’s holding the [Read More...]

Laicized priest Thomas Williams speaks out on mandatory celibacy

From Kathy Schiffer’s blog:  “..My basic thought is that personal failures don’t necessarily mean that institutions like priestly celibacy are necessarily wrong-headed. The fact that many married people commit adultery shouldn’t call into question the validity of marriage as an essential social institution. We would often justify our personal wrongdoing by blaming an institution or [Read More...]

Reuters: meet the “father-priests” of the Philippines

Details: Every Sunday morning, dozens of Roman Catholics gather at a small chapel on an island in the central Philippines to listen to Father Jess Siva share his personal experiences as a priest, and as a parent. Siva, 54, has been celebrating Mass in the town of Lambunao for the past 15 years, giving communion, [Read More...]

Study finds more reasons to get and stay married

“Signing the Register” by Edmund Blair Leighton (U.S. Public Domain/Wikipedia) From The New York Times: A new economics paper has some old-fashioned advice for people navigating the stresses of life: Find a spouse who is also your best friend. Social scientists have long known that married people tend to be happier, but they debate whether [Read More...]

Bishop and minister preside over wedding for 2,000 couples in Brazil

From the BBC: Nearly 2,000 Brazilian couples have got married at an indoors sports venue in Rio de Janeiro, in the biggest mass wedding in the city’s history. The annual event, promoted by the local authorities, is aimed at helping low-income couples who cannot afford to pay for a wedding. The authorities in Rio booked [Read More...]

“God is more important than sex”: Couple abstained from sex for 19 months while waiting for annulments

In our pelvic-centric age, some would find this unthinkable. Read on, from The Catholic Sentinel in Portland: Steve and Shaina Purves don’t consider themselves heroic. They say they simply lived out what the church teaches — and it was fantastic. For 19 months after Shaina entered the Catholic Church, the civilly-wed couple refrained from sexual contact while [Read More...]