Wisconsin couple to speak at synod

From CNS:  Alice and Jeff Heinzen will not only be serving as auditors for the extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family at the Vatican Oct. 5-19, they also will make a presentation before the general assembly.In their main role as one of 14 married couples from around the world selected to serve as auditors [Read More...]

VIDEO: Burke and Kasper on communion—UPDATED

CNS has just released these two brief videos, in which Cardinal Raymond Burke and Cardinal Walter Kasper explain their approaches to this critical issue in their own words. UPDATE: My blog neighbor Joanne McPortland is not at all impressed by this videos, and detects a distinct bias on the part of CNS. Read why.     [Read more...]

A divorced and remarried Catholic: “It has never occurred to me to present myself for Communion…”

In a rare move, a secular publication in the UK, The Spectator, offers a strong and persuasive argument about Catholic communion: I am a divorced and remarried Catholic. I attend Mass every week. When my children want me to take them up to Holy Communion, I walk along behind them and cross my arms over my [Read More...]

They don’t: Marriage rates continue to plummet

From The New York Times:  Of all the milestones on the road to adulthood, Americans are increasingly forgoing one of the biggest: marriage. Twenty percent of adults older than 25, about 42 million people, have never married, up from 9 percent in 1960, according to data in a Pew Research Center report published Wednesday. The trend has [Read More...]

Pope establishes commission to reform annulment process

This is huge. From Vatican Radio:  The Holy See Press Office on Saturday announced Pope Francis has decided to establish a Special Commission  for the study of the reform of the matrimonial processes in canon law. The decision was made on August 2, 2014. This Committee will be chaired by Msgr. Pio Vito Pinto, Dean [Read More...]

Bishop on divorced and remarried Catholics: “We’ve got to do something!”

It’s rare to hear a bishop be so blunt, but Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin is that and more in his column for his diocesan newspaper: I understand completely the arguments against taking a more “pastoral approach” to this topic, primarily that to do so would betray the sacred teaching of Christ we are obliged to [Read More...]

They do: Pope marries 20 couples in St. Peter’s

From Vatican Radio:  To the simple strains of a harp, twenty grooms made their way up the central nave of St Peter’s Basilica with their mothers, followed by twenty brides dressed in white accompanied by their fathers. All of the couples were from the diocese of Rome and had come to be married, on the [Read More...]

Pope will preside at wedding of Catholics living together, couples with children

From CNS:   Among the men and women Pope Francis was set to unite in marriage were Catholics who have been living together as well as couples who already have children.The pope, who is the bishop of Rome, will preside over his first wedding ceremony as pontiff during a nuptial Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica [Read More...]

Farm fined for refusing to host gay wedding

Details, from Religion News Service:  Christian farm owners in upstate New York who declined a lesbian couple’s request to hold a wedding ceremony on their property have been fined $10,000 and ordered to pay the women $1,500 each.   Cynthia and Robert Gifford, who own Liberty Ridge Farm near Albany, rent their facilities for birthday parties and about a [Read More...]

Pope Francis to preside over wedding ceremony next month

Did you get an invitation? From CNS:  Pope Francis will preside over his first wedding ceremony as pontiff during a nuptial Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica Sept. 14. The Vatican confirmed Aug. 29 that 20 couples from the Diocese of Rome will be married by the pope, the bishop of Rome. The papal Mass celebrating [Read More...]