Vatican reaffirms teaching on communion for divorced and remarried Catholics

From CNS:  Amid rising expectations that the Catholic Church might make it easier for divorced and remarried members to receive Communion, the Vatican’s highest doctrinal official reaffirmed church teaching barring such persons from the sacrament without an annulment of their first, sacramental marriage. But Archbishop Gerhard L. Muller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine [Read More...]

Church confronts the “silent schism” of divorced and remarried Catholics

From Vatican Insider:  Shock declarations, such as the ones contained in the document issued by the Diocese of Freiburg which offers recommendations on communion for remarried divorcees end up complicating rather than facilitating reflection on the issue. Pope Francis’ intention is for this issue to be discussed at an Extraordinary Synod in October 2014. The Synod [Read More...]

After couple cancels wedding plans, bride’s family turns reception into a dinner for the homeless

Willie H. Fowler (center), his daughter Tamara and wife Carol (right) socialize with Elisabeth Omilami.  Photo: Jonathan Phillips/Atlanta Journal-Constitution I love this story:  Hosts of a cancelled wedding donated an elaborate reception to Atlanta’s homeless last Sunday. Carol and Willie Fowler teamed up with Hosea Feed the Hungry, a local organization serving families in need, to [Read More...]

Bridezilla? No. Minister-zilla.

Lisa Hendey just posted this video of a photographer/wedding presider smackdown over at her place.  Take a look. A few thoughts. 1. The presider should have set limits at the rehearsal or, at the latest, before the ceremony. 2. The photographer(s) should have cleared their location with the presider. 3. Saying “If you don’t move, [Read More...]

Canon law experts discuss Church teaching on divorce, remarriage and communion

From Catholic News Service:    Recent remarks by Pope Francis about the need for a stronger pastoral approach to marriage and divorced couples, do not signal the church is overturning its laws or practice of denying communion to Catholics who divorce and remarry, said two canon law experts. When Pope Francis made parenthetical reference to [Read More...]

“Why celibacy is right for me”

A prominent Jesuit writes in the Washington Post:  There has been much talk recently about priestly celibacy. Italian Archbishop Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s new Secretary of State, gave an interview to the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal, in which he discussed continuity and change in the Catholic Church. The interviewer raised the question of celibacy, and the archbishop [Read More...]

What would a married priesthood look like?—UPDATED

With all the raised eyebrows and dropped jaws over recent statements on priestly celibacy, some people may think it’s time to redecorate the rectory to make it ready for the pastor’s new bride when they return from their honeymoon. Deep breaths, people. There’s less to this than meets the eye. And there are many unanswered [Read More...]

A love song 75 years in the making

From the YouTube post:  A 96-year-old Illinois man wrote a song about his wife of 75 years and when he sent the heart-wrenching ode into a singer-songwriter contest, they decided to produce it for him. When Fred Stobaugh talks about his wife Lorraine now, it’s hard for him to hold back tears after the life [Read More...]

Attention: brides. This one’s for you.

Planning a wedding? Something to consider… [Read more...]

Every husband—or husband-to-be—should read this

Advice from a man whose 16-year marriage just ended:   There’s something about my divorce being finalized this week that gives me perspective of things I wish I would have done different… After losing a woman that I loved, and a marriage of almost 16 years, here’s the advice I wish I would have had 1. [Read More...]