Barbie as the Virgin Mary?

This image has been popping up around social media, with the news that Argentina is producing a Virgin Mary Barbie Doll: But before you run out to Toys-R-Us to pick one up, check out the rest of the story: Pool Paolini y Marianela Perelli are the artists behind the controversial “Barbie, The Plastic Religion” exhibit which will be [Read More...]

Pierced: Our Lady of Sorrows

Today marks this feast—which is also the feast day for my parish.  Below, a statue depicting Mary, pierced with seven swords for her seven sorrows, at the Cathedral of St. Patrick in Charlotte, North Carolina. [Read more...]

“The birth of Jesus from the womb of Mary is the prelude to the rebirth of every Christian in the womb of the church”

During his audience today, Pope Francis had some consoling words for persecuted Christians in Iraq, and also spoke beautifully about the Church’s role as a mother to us all: “We are not orphans! We have a mom, a mother” in the church and in Mary, he said. “The birth of Jesus from the womb of [Read More...]

On the alleged apparitions in Bayside: “These supposed visions completely lack credibility”

Word about these “apparitions” pops up from time to time on my Facebook feed.  People continue to disseminate the “messages” from something that was soundly condemned by the Church decades ago. That may be one reason why the Bishop of Brooklyn, Nicholas DiMarzio, last week issued the following statement:  Today, I write in order to [Read More...]

Pope encourages Muslim-Christian group meeting “Together Around Mary, Our Lady”

From ZENIT:  The 8th Islamic-Christian Prayer Meeting was held Tuesday, feast of the Annunciation, in Beirut, Lebanon, and focused on the theme “Together around Mary, Our Lady.” The Solemnity of the Annunciation is marked by both Christians and Muslims and was declared a national holiday by the Lebanese government in 2010 The meeting was organized [Read More...]

“How can this be?”: a homily for The Annunciation

From the vault, here’s part of a homily from Advent in 2008, with some thoughts on the feast we celebrate on March 25: +++ How many of us have been blindsided by events we never expected – a twist on  life’s path that we never saw coming, for better or for worse — and asked  [Read More...]

What’s the scoop on Medjugorje?

One of the most balanced writers on this subject, across several years, has been Diane Korzeniewski, whose blog Te Deum laudamus  has followed the saga of Medjugorje with clarity and charity. She responds today to reports in Italian media that appear to quote people with inside information who have concluded that what is happening in [Read More...]

Vatican confirms Medjugorje commission has completed investigation

Diane has the scoop:  (Vatican Radio) The Director of the Holy See Press Office, Fr. Federico Lombardi, confirmed on Saturday that the international commission investigating the events in Medjugorje held its last meeting on 17 January. The commission, created by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is presided by Cardinal Camillo Ruini. The [Read More...]

My favorite church

It’s where my wife and I were married 27 years ago: the chapel at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Rockville, Md. We paid a visit today, before heading back to New York, and had the privilege of praying during Adoration and sharing in the celebration of the mid-day Mass. There were about 70 or 80 [Read More...]

Our Lady of Guadalupe—in Los Angeles?

Yes. Believed to be the only relic of its kind in the United States, part of St. Juan Diego’s miraculous tilma is on permanent display in a side chapel of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Details: The relic is a small piece that was detached from the tilma and given to Archbishop [Read More...]