What else did CNN get wrong?

From Baltimore’s Catholic Review, here’s an important addendum to CNN’s piece on archbishops and where they live: Archbishop William Lori is mentioned because his residence is valued at $1.24 million. In this case, [author Daniel] Burke fails to make some important distinctions. The archbishop’s house was not purchased by Archbishop Lori; it first served as the [Read More...]

Must-see video: “How to Dad,” a great new ad from Cheerios

Smart, funny and utterly winning. One blogger writes:  It is well shot and the guy playing the dad is fantastic. Also, it is funny without being condescending, and that is hard. So often, humor in commercials is at the expense of someone. These diapers are so simple even these stumbling dads can handle them! Dad can’t [Read More...]

Another papal first? Pope Francis to be interviewed live on radio show

I can’t recall anything quite like this. From CNA:  This Friday Pope Francis will give a live interview on an Argentine radio station that he helped raise the money to found while Archbishop of Buenos Aires.Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., confirmed the event, telling CNA Aug. 4 that although he doesn’t know exactly how [Read More...]

“The Vatican’s media machine is broken”

That’s the assessment of Fr. Raymond de Souza: Whether it was the imbroglio over the Society of St Pius X and the Holocaust-denying Bishop Williamson, or the Argentine woman whom Pope Francis (allegedly) told to ignore her parish priest’s advice about not receiving Holy Communion while living in an invalid union, it is the international headlines [Read More...]

Lebanese TV anchor wears “N” to show solidarity with Iraqi Christians

Impressive:  A Lebanese TV channel is using the Arabic letter N in its logo, in what appears to be a show of solidarity with Christians in Iraq. Dima Sadeq, one of the main anchors on the channel LBCI, has appeared on screen wearing a T-shirt with the letter N – pronounced Noon in Arabic. “From [Read More...]

Mary and Jesus in a Long John Silver’s ad?

Yep. A friend asked about this on Facebook, wondering if it was, maybe, blasphemous. I don’t think so. Actually, I like it. See what you think. [Read more...]

EWTN opening studio in California

This moved late yesterday, but with the various technical issues involving the Patheos reboot, I’m only getting to it now. But this is huge:  Christ Cathedral will be the site of the first West Coast broadcast studio for the largest religious media network in the world, with construction underway in the iconic Tower of Hope for [Read More...]

And the winner is …

Elizabeth Scalia has posted a typically generous roundup of winners at last night’s Catholic Press Association awards. It was great to be included in such a stellar group (which embraces, among so many others, Elizabeth Scalia herself, who won first place for her column in Our Sunday Visitor!) You can find a complete list of [Read More...]

Shock: media admits mistake! When was the last time something like THIS happened?

The Associated Press published a huge correction for a story that slammed the Catholic Church: The Associated Press landed a blockbuster story in early June that hundreds of children had died due to neglect in a Catholic-run orphanage in Ireland during the mid 20th century. Mass graves, unmarked burial sites, baptism refusals, and other lurid [Read More...]

“Dialogue is only possible when there is an attitude of openness to the other…”

The great Archbishop Claudio Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, spoke at the Catholic Media Conference this morning. Some of his remarks: The key question for Catholic media professionals is to consider how best we can be present in this emerging digital arena. Pope Francis in his message for this year’s World [Read More...]