Restaurant chain invites the pope to try its Lent menu

How’s this for an unusual marketing gimmick: Red Robin is hoping to lure Catholics who are abstaining from meat during Lent by presenting its latest seafood menu — even inviting Pope Francis to lunch. And other fast food restaurants are jumping on the Lent wagon as well. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc., based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, extended an invitation [Read More...]

Muslims observe Lent in show of solidarity with Christians

From The Independent: In a show of solidarity, Muslims are standing with Christians and giving up guilty pleasures for lent. For Christians, Lent is a period of self-restraint, marked by fasting, repentance, prayer and self-control. Luxury or rich foods, such as meat and dairy are often avoided by those taking part. Abstention from personal “bad habits” [Read More...]

What happened when an NFL coach showed up for a press conference with ashes on his forehead

The Baltimore Sun notes: Baltimore Ravens head Coach John Harbaugh spoke at the NFL Combine on Wednesday and he drew a lot of attention — not so much for what he said, but for the ash cross on his forehead. Harbaugh apparently came from an Ash Wednesday service straight to the Combine. The reaction to [Read More...]

Anchored in faith: Lester Holt on religion and journalism

When Lester Holt took over for Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News last week, little was said about his personal life—or one aspect of it that plays a prominent role: his faith. I was curious about what his religious background might be, so did a little Googling and came upon this interview from a [Read More...]

David Carr on recovery—and the prayer that sustained him

The brilliant New York Times media columnist David Carr died suddenly yesterday—which jolted a lot of us who were still shell-shocked from the death of Bob Simon the day before and the perilous fall from grace of Brian Williams. It was not a good week for the news business. Carr was a recovering drug addict; he [Read More...]

Signs of the times: best street signs ever?

The City of Hayward, California is trying something different. This, from The New York Daily News: Speeding is no laughing matter, but slowing down can be. A California city introduced humorous street signs to catch the attention of speeding motorists and compel them to slow down on a major residential street. Hayward, Calif. installed seven [Read More...]

Guess who just had to change his name on Facebook?

View image | That would be me. As I do periodically, I decided today to change my password. I did. When I signed in again, a little box popped up saying that it looked like my name wasn’t authentic and I should change it. I tried to sign in again, again using my three-name ID—Deacon [Read More...]

What next for Brian Williams? —UPDATED

Verne Gay at Newsday offers his prediction—and it strikes me as entirely plausible: There are versions circulating of how a comeback might unfold, and here’s mine: Williams returns to “Nightly” but also hits the road, covering stories overseas of vital importance, going to war zones, going to blighted parts of Africa, and then — story by story, [Read More...]

Man pays $450 for MacBook on eBay, receives just a picture of one

From CNET:  Paul Barrington thought he’d achieved a rare deal when his bid of 300 British pounds (around $460) for a MacBook was the winner. He wanted to start a business. No, it wasn’t an e-business. He wanted to be a wedding DJ and needed the laptop in order to download the appropriate software. He [Read More...]

What can Brian Williams do next? Here are 5 possibilities

With Brian Williams announcing that he’s taking a leave from anchoring the NBC Nightly News — the duration, unspecified—we’re left to wonder what happens next. For him, the best-case scenario would have his bosses at NBC concluding that it was all an innocent mixup, and welcome him back to the anchor chair with open arms. [Read More...]