Signs of the times: best street signs ever?

The City of Hayward, California is trying something different. This, from The New York Daily News: Speeding is no laughing matter, but slowing down can be. A California city introduced humorous street signs to catch the attention of speeding motorists and compel them to slow down on a major residential street. Hayward, Calif. installed seven [Read More...]

Guess who just had to change his name on Facebook?

View image | That would be me. As I do periodically, I decided today to change my password. I did. When I signed in again, a little box popped up saying that it looked like my name wasn’t authentic and I should change it. I tried to sign in again, again using my three-name ID—Deacon [Read More...]

What next for Brian Williams? —UPDATED

Verne Gay at Newsday offers his prediction—and it strikes me as entirely plausible: There are versions circulating of how a comeback might unfold, and here’s mine: Williams returns to “Nightly” but also hits the road, covering stories overseas of vital importance, going to war zones, going to blighted parts of Africa, and then — story by story, [Read More...]

Man pays $450 for MacBook on eBay, receives just a picture of one

From CNET:  Paul Barrington thought he’d achieved a rare deal when his bid of 300 British pounds (around $460) for a MacBook was the winner. He wanted to start a business. No, it wasn’t an e-business. He wanted to be a wedding DJ and needed the laptop in order to download the appropriate software. He [Read More...]

What can Brian Williams do next? Here are 5 possibilities

With Brian Williams announcing that he’s taking a leave from anchoring the NBC Nightly News — the duration, unspecified—we’re left to wonder what happens next. For him, the best-case scenario would have his bosses at NBC concluding that it was all an innocent mixup, and welcome him back to the anchor chair with open arms. [Read More...]

NBC launches investigation of Brian Williams

From USA TODAY:  NBC News confirmed Friday that it’s investigating chief anchor Brian Williams over his now-retracted statement that he was in a helicopter in Iraq that was hit by enemy fire and forced to land. “This has been a difficult few days for all of us at NBC News,” NBC News President Deborah Turness [Read More...]

The Brian Williams debacle: 3 things he did wrong in that apology

That whopper the NBC News anchor told on the air a few days back was bad enough. But Brian Williams didn’t help matters with the unconvincing apology that followed. The text: On this broadcast last week, in an effort to honor and thank a veteran who protected me and so many others after a ground-fire [Read More...]

Vermont’s “Cyber-Bishop” Coyne: “We are now a missionary church. We have to give people a reason to stay.”

Bishop Christopher Coyne via Diocese of Burlington A Burlington TV station aired this brief profile of its new bishop, Christopher Coyne, last night: Coyne described himself as primarily a pastor, adding he embraces direct and charitable conversations with parishioners and community members. Coyne also maintains a large presence on social media, with thousands of followers [Read More...]

Pope releases message for World Day of Social Communications on “Communicating the Family”

Photo from Vatican Radio From Vatican Radio:  The Vatican has issued Pope Francis’ Message for the 49TH World Day of Social Communications, the only worldwide celebration called for by the Second Vatican Council (Inter mirifica, 1963).  The theme of this year’s message: “Communicating the Family – a Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love.” [Read More...]

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s solution to save Christianity in the UK: WiFi

Andrew Lloyd Webber in 2007 (photo by Tracey Nolan from Toronto, Canada via Wikipedia) From The Daily Mail:  The Oscar-winning composer behind “Jesus Christ Superstar” is planning an even more ambitious scheme to connect the nation with its Christian heritage – wi-fi in every church. Andrew Lloyd Webber, whose father was music director at a London church, [Read More...]