“I know so many Catholics…the things they’re hearing about the Pope make them want to go back to church…”

From Catholic News Service…Longtime FOB Lino Rulli has a few thoughts on Pope Francis and what the secular media keeps getting wrong about him—and why he’s okay with that.  Take a look. [Read more...]

Now THIS is a great commercial

It’s popping up around Europe, evidently, and this website tells the story of how a quintessentially Irish ad was made by some New Yorkers. For those who are Irish, or who just love great storytelling, this video shows how it is done with style, taste and a wee bit of wit. [Read more...]

Rome seminary offers class on “Media Training for Priests”

From Catholic News Agency:  In an effort to equip future priests to better encounter the mass media, one seminary in Rome now provides a hands-on workshop in social communications. “We need to be part of the world-wide conversation that is happening on social issues, on religion, on faith – and we can do that by [Read More...]

Controversial interview with pope removed from Vatican website

Details from National Catholic Register:  Pope Francis’ interview with Eugenio Scalfari, the atheist founder of La Repubblica, has been taken down from the Vatican website, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi confirmed today. The Oct. 1 interview, which was also published in L’Osservatore Romano, was criticised for its inaccuracies after it emerged that Scalfari hadn’t recorded it. “The [Read More...]

Why you shouldn’t believe those reports about a woman cardinal—UPDATED WITH VATICAN REACTION

Photo: Fr. Yiu Sing Lucas Chan This report is gaining traction, from the Sunday Times of London: An Irish woman is being tipped internationally to be the Catholic church’s first female cardinal. If speculation in the Washington Post and Catholic media proves correct, Linda Hogan, 49, the vice-provost of Trinity College Dublin would be eligible [Read More...]

Catholic ministry reaches out to porn addicts

From the Columbus Dispatch: Responding to concerns arising in prayer groups and confessionals, some central Ohio Catholics have started a ministry aimed at helping prevent and treat pornography addiction. The My House Initiative offers a confidential help line, support groups and referrals to counseling. It’s a collaboration of the Columbus Catholic Men’s Ministry, the Columbus [Read More...]

State of Alabama joins EWTN in new suit against HHS mandate

From Catholic News Agency:  EWTN Global Catholic Network has been joined by the state of Alabama in a new lawsuit against the Obama administration’s contraception and sterilization mandate. “EWTN has no other option but to continue our legal challenge to the mandate,” said chairman Michael P. Warsaw in an Oct. 28 statement announcing the suit. [Read More...]

The Vatican’s Greg Burke on Francis: “Not a politically-correct pope”

Carol Glatz at CNS has a blog post up today about how the Vatican’s senior media advisor views the pontiff. Former TV reporter Greg Burke describes the pope as “not politically correct,” and goes on to list 10 important things to know about him. To wit:  1.Mercy — The story of the Prodigal Son is a [Read More...]

Washington Post: conservative Catholics questioning the pope’s approach

The Washington Post is picking up on a phenomenon some of us have been aware of for some time: conservative Catholics who are struggling with Pope Francis.  One of the experts they interviewed is our own Dr. Gregory Popcak.  Snip:  Rattled by Pope Francis’s admonishment to Catholics not to be “obsessed” by doctrine, his stated [Read More...]

“Staring into a mirror, not looking out a window…”

That describes what is happening increasingly in our culture, particularly in our use and consumption of media. We get our news from sources that reinforce our worldview, and then we share it with like-minded people on social media, who just reaffirm what we think we already know to be true. It’s unhealthy—and, I think, dangerous. [Read More...]