Scientists say the ark would float—even with 35,000 species of animals

Don’t try this at home.  Although it seems scientists think it would work: Noah’s Ark would have floated — even with two of every animal on board, physicists have determined based on the weight of the beasts and the buoyancy of the boat. The students from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of [Read More...]

Fr. Robert Barron weighs in on “Noah”

One of the contemporary church’s most thoughtful evangelists offers his take on one of the year’s most controversial films: “Noah” is best interpreted, I think, as a modern cinematic midrash on the Biblical tale.  The midrashim—extremely popular in ancient Israel—were imaginative elaborations of the often spare Scriptural narratives.  They typically explored the psychological motivations of the major players [Read More...]

Will the success of “Noah” flood theaters with more religious films?

The Russell Crowe epic opened big—the biggest opening week, in fact, in Crowe’s estimable career—and that’s got Hollywood wondering if more biblical epics are on the way: “I think that is a smart assumption,” said Megan Colligan, president of domestic marketing and distribution for Paramount. “Noah is a movie that gets people thinking about big spiritual [Read More...]

Whatever floats your boat: two Catholic critics on “Noah”

From Steven Greydanus at National Catholic Register:  It is not a “Bible movie” in the usual sense, with all the story beats predetermined by the text, and actors in ancient Near Eastern couture hitting their marks and saying all the expected things. It is something more vital, surprising and confounding: a work of art and [Read More...]

Report: Russell Crowe meets Pope Francis

From Religion News Service:  Russell Crowe, who plays the title character in the new Hollywood blockbuster “Noah,” lobbied hard for a personal audience with Pope Francis. What he got Wednesday instead was a blessing. Crowe used social media in recent weeks to try to cajole Francis to watch “Noah,” which has drawn fire from religious [Read More...]

Whatever happened to…Mel Gibson?

This Lent marks the 10-year anniversary of his controversial (and record-shattering) “The Passion of the Christ.” A journalist who befriended Mel Gibson looks at what has happened since. During this season of penitence, the saga of Mel Gibson, I think, offers an opportunity for reflection on the choices we make, the struggles we confront, the [Read More...]

Matthew McConaughey, Mass-goer?

A great big H/T to Terry Mattingly over at Get Religion, who unearthed this nugget while reporting on the actor’s Oscar speech: It has been two years since the paparazzi literally chased McConaughey and his fiance (at that time) after church during the Cannes Film Festival. That led tot his material in The Daily Mail: The [Read More...]

Hooray for Holy-wood!

My blog neighbor Tony Rossi watched the Oscars last night so the rest of us didn’t have to—and caught some inspiration and some religion, to boot: One sweet moment occurred during Jared Leto’s Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech when he spoke about his mother’s past and shared a story that could give hope to other young women [Read More...]

Will “Son of God” be this weekend’s #1 movie at the box office?

Maybe:  Universal’s Non-Stop, starring Liam Neeson, surged ahead to take the lead in the weekend box office, snagging the spot from The Lego Movie, according to Forbes. Along with Neeson, the film stars Julianna Moore and 12 Years a Slave’s Oscar-nominated Lupita Nyong’o.  The action thriller is set to bring in around $30 million over the course of this weekend.  The Los [Read More...]

C.Y.A. (Cover Your Ark): Film “Noah” will now carry a disclaimer

From The Los Angeles Times:  In a move clearly aimed to appease potential religious critics, Paramount Pictures is adding a disclaimer to marketing materials for “Noah,” writer-director Darren Aronofsky’s drama about the great flood. The studio announced late Thursday that the “explanatory message,” as Paramount calls it, will read: “The film is inspired by the [Read More...]