The movie producer in a collar

Who knew? Details:  No sooner had Eric Andrews arrived on the set of “The Lost Valentine,” a 2011 Hallmark Channel movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White, when his neckwear attracted attention. “People are looking at me, and trying to figure out who I was,” he said. “One of the actors came up and [Read More...]

Chicago’s Fr. Michael Pfleger gives final blessing at Roger Ebert’s funeral

Details:  As a standing ovation finally quieted inside Holy Name Cathedral, Chaz Ebert paid the last words of tribute to her husband, famed movie critic Roger Ebert. “He had a heart big enough to accept and love all,” Chaz Ebert said, telling the crowd of fans and friends under the vaulted ceilings of the church [Read More...]

RIP: Annette Funicello, Catholic

Sad news, with word that the most famous Mouseketeer of all died today after a long battle with MS. The photo here shows her with first husband Jack Gilardi, leaving St. Cyril’s Roman Catholic Church in Encino, Calif., on Jan. 9, 1965, following their wedding ceremony. Annette spoke of her faith some years back, and how [Read More...]

“I’m A god…not THE God…”

Happy Groundhog Day. This movie, meantime, is still and forever one of the greatest cinematic parables about conversion and redemption ever created. And: egad. Has it really been 20 years since this was released? [Read more...]

Wow: “Toy Story” remade, shot by shot, with live actors

These guys clearly had too much time on their hands. The Facebook page for this notes: The Live Action Pixar Toy Story movie, shot-for-shot, with real people and real toys. “TS Project” started production in late June 2010 by Jonason Pauley, (then 17), and Jesse Perrotta (18). The Daily Mail actually talked to this dynamic duo, [Read More...]

One Take More…and another and another: Shooting “Les Mis” and seeing songs as prayers

Director Tom Hooper discusses the work that went into his interpretation of the musical, and offers this interesting insight:  He said that he had consulted Australian director Baz Luhrmann who pointed out that moving between singing and talking can be difficult for an audience: “He said unless you can make some kind of contract with [Read More...]

“Les Mis”: it’s all about the bishop

There’s a lovely remembrance of first encountering “Les Miserables” — the musical and the book — by Rev. Charles Klamut, in this week’s issue of AMERICA—and he concludes with this poignant epiphany: I read Les Misérables in a week. It was the perfect book at the perfect time, with soul-shaking impact. For a long time afterward, I [Read More...]

Bring him home: Hugh Jackman talks about modeling Jean Valjean on his own father’s conversion

And, perhaps fittingly, the star is literally a son of Grace. Details:  His performance is both a tribute and a thank you to his father Chris, who brought him up after his mother walked out of the family home in Australia when Hugh was just eight years old. Both parents are English-born, but settled in [Read More...]

How targeting “Les Mis” to Christians paid off

Though some were shocked, simply shocked to see fleeting moments of sexual congress (one involving a guy in a Santa suit), other Christians have embraced the movie’s message. From CNN:    “Les Miserables” is booming at the box office, and that financial success can in part be traced to a group of its biggest boosters: [Read More...]

A feminist who is miserable about “Les Miserables”

Author Stacy Wolf looks at “Les Mis” through a feminist lens in the Washington Post, and isn’t impressed: In 1987, when “Les Miz” opened on Broadway, it was part of a cultural moment that Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Susan Faludi labeled the “anti-feminist backlash.” Its popularity at the time wasn’t surprising: The late 1980s weren’t kind [Read More...]