"Best. Day. Ever."

That’s the uplifting message at the end of this trailer for a remarkable new film hitting theaters later this month. It’s “Life in a Day,” produced by Ridley Scott, and collected from thousands of YouTube videos. You can read more about it here and here. But check out the trailer below. [Read more...]

Vatican paper: thumbs up for last "Harry Potter" film

“The finale is epic, with a battle worthy of this saga of unequalled planetary success. The decisive meeting between the forces of good and evil is truly the final one, played out in an atmosphere that is almost too dark. The games of magic played by the baby wizards are a thing of the past. The [Read More...]

Quote of the day

Caught this one in a trailer the other day, and it just cracked me up… “Is the Popemobile Catholic?” – Tow Mater, in Pixar’s “Cars 2,” opening next month. [Read more...]

Caviezel: "rejected" by Hollywood after playing Jesus

The star of “The Passion of the Christ” spoke recently about the impact that landmark film had on his career. From the Daily Mail: Actor Jim Caviezel has claimed his Hollywood career was wrecked by playing Jesus. He said he was ‘rejected in my own industry’ after taking on the lead role in Mel Gibson’s [Read More...]

"It is accomplished"

This is one to watch again and again, every Good Friday: the last nine minutes of “The Passion of the Christ.” [Read more...]


Here’s a  blast from the past — nearly 40 years ago, incredibly. It’s a little Palm Sunday cinema, from Norman Jewison’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” in 1973.  (For an altogether different interp, check out this clip of the same number from a revival done in London and on Broadway a few years ago.  The original was [Read More...]

Charlie Sheen's father on the meaning of life — UPDATED

Martin Sheen talks with Irish interviewer Gay Byrne about life, faith, conversion — and Charlie. You can watch the entire conversation right here.  An excerpt, below. UPDATE: LifeSiteNews has picked up this significant excerpt: Byrne asked Sheen: “The liberal causes that you espouse are readily identifiable with people in the movie business, but your anti-abortion [Read More...]

RIP, Sidney Lumet

The brilliant director (and son-in-law of Lena Horn!) has died.  Read more here. And see a sizzling snippet of his work below:  the trailer for the prophetic “Network,” written by the incomparable Paddy Chayefsky. [Read more...]

Brace yourself for "The Mighty Macs"

This looks terrific: an upcoming movie based on the true story of the all-girls Catholic basketball team from Immaculata College near Philadelphia.  Check it out.  A cheerful h/t to Jim Martin. Watch the trailer below. [Read more...]

Mel Gibson's comeback?

A first look at his new movie, “The Beaver,” coming out in May… The Hollywood Reporter gave it a rave review. [Read more...]