Epic: hundreds join massive “Riverdance” celebration

I’m not sure what the Gaelic word for “Wow” is (O’Wow?) but this definitely deserves it. Just watch. [Read more...]

“Singing Nun” Sister Cristina releasing an album for Christmas

Details:  Sister Cristina is back! Though in reality she never went away. After her breakout performance of Alicia Keys’ “No One” on Italy’s “The Voice,” Sister Cristina Scuccia went on to not only win the final competition but land herself a recording deal with Universal. With the world stunned and wooed by her explosive vocal talent, the young nun [Read More...]

A hymn for Mary Magdalene?

Someone posted this lovely hymn on Facebook this morning, noting that it was written in the early 20th century from the point of view of Mary Magdalene (whose feast we mark today). I haven’t found any other citation for that, but I suppose it’s a plausible interpretation. Wikipedia just has this: “In the Garden” (sometimes [Read More...]

Sister Cristina says her priorities are “Jesus and prayer”

The Internet sensation—and winner of Italy’s “The Voice”—has given her first interview since her triumph: Speaking to reporters for the first time after her victory on The Voice Italy, Sister Cristina Scuccia said that she now plans to return to the two priorities in her life, which are “Jesus and prayer.” “My future is in [Read More...]

She did it: Sister Cristina wins “The Voice,” prays the Our Father

Details: A cheery Catholic nun has clinched an Italian television talent singing contest after winning millions of followers with her lively dance act and soulful renditions of pop classics. Wearing her habit and a crucifix around her neck, Suor Cristina immediately thanked God for her victory on Thursday in The Voice of Italy and recited [Read More...]

Doesn’t anybody sing in church anymore?

Thom Schultz observes a phenomenon I’ve seen (and heard) in my own parish: Looking around the church last Sunday I noticed that the majority weren’t singing. And most of those who were singing barely moved their lips. The only voices I actually heard were those on stage with microphones. That’s been the case for years [Read More...]

Best dad ever?

He definitely wins the Good Sport award. Can you stand one more rendition of “Love is an Open Door” from “Frozen”? Behold:  a father-daughter duet that is now sweeping the interwebs and is guaranteed to have you grinning. [Read more...]

Dolly Parton’s priest: “Father Jim is the best opening act I’ve ever had”

Now for something completely different. From Richmond, Kentucky:  In the three years since it opened, no performer has filled the EKU Center for the Arts with sound or fans as Dolly Parton did Tuesday night. The Country Music Hall of Famer made her second appearance  in Richmond for the St. Mark Catholic Church “Evening Among [Read More...]

Sister Cristina rocks the house with Mariah Carey’s “Hero”

She performed again a few days ago on Italy’s “The Voice.” As one of the judges noted, the song was a good choice for the singing nun, because it was about salvation. The lyrics: There’s a hero If you look inside your heart You don’t have to be afraid Of what you are There’s an [Read More...]

Evangelizers of note: using music to draw people to church

From The Toledo Blade, a story about a creative way of reaching out to immigrants: Using popular music to lure new and former Catholics is one of several outreach strategies the Church has undertaken in recent years. “According to church studies, people have been leaving the Catholic Church because they weren’t comfortable,” said Deacon Jose Garcia, [Read More...]