"The Big Bang Theory": the complete theme song

I never knew that the theme song of my favorite sitcom is actually longer than 30 seconds. Until now. Thanks to the God Googler, Mike Hayes, here’s the whole thing — and a peppy little video, to boot! [Read more...]

"Soon, it's gonna rain…"

As we get ready for Irene, here’s a favorite song from a favorite show, “The Fantasticks.”  This is a clip from the seldom-seen movie version, from 1995.  It features Jean Louisa Kelly, who is probably better known as the chipper wife, Kim, on the long-running sitcom “Yes, Dear.” Who knew she could sing? [Read more...]

Hurricane? What hurricane?

Clouds are scuttling across a beautiful blue sky here in New York City. But batten down the hatches.  Stay tuned.  Things could get interesting in the next day or so. Meantime, take it away, Lena. [Read more...]

"It's time to play the music, it's time to light the light…"

Actually, it’s time for a TV theme song so square, it’s suddenly hip! Get a  load of “The Muppet Show” theme song, as re-imagined by  OK Go (with a helpful assist from Kermit & Co.) [Read more...]

RIP, Jerry Leiber

Half of the great songwriting team of Leiber and Stoller, Jerry Leiber has died at the age of 78.  Among other things, he helped give the world “Hound Dog,” “On Broadway,” “Spanish Harlem,” “I’m a Woman,” “Is That All There Is?”  and, in collaboration with Ben. E. King, “Stand By Me.” Below, a blissful reminder [Read More...]

Flashback: a classic moment of inspiration by Tony Melendez

CNS blogger Emma Lulgard reports that the legendary performer sang Thursday at World Youth Day in Madrid — which, of course, brought back for some of us vivid memories of Tony Melendez’s stunning performance for Pope John Paul (and a much younger Roger Mahony) in Los Angeles in September 1987.  Just watch. This performance — [Read More...]

Justin and Jesus, or "Leave It To Bieber"

I confess: I missed the Teen Choice Awards Sunday. But an author working on a book about Justin Bieber (whose mother is Catholic and whose childhood reportedly included Catholic schooling in Canada) did see the show, and notes the following: When Justin Bieber strode onto the stage of the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on [Read More...]

"Hot town, summer in the city…"

“All around, people looking half dead Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head…” Oh yeah.  It’s supposed to hit a hundred in New York City today.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  So, here’s the Lovin’ Spoonful, from the summer of ’66.   You can read about the song here. [Read more...]

Forever young: the world's first senior citizen lip-dub

You gotta love this.  Residents of a retirement community in Michigan get into the swing of things with a little Michael Buble action. In the middle of a hot hot summer, this is the coolest of cool.  Enjoy. [Read more...]

For all you hermits out there

I know The Anchoress is itching for a retreat, and one of my readers just reminded me that he’s a hermit, which got me to thinking that we really need right now something very hermit-y. Ladies and gentlemen: Herman’s Hermits. And some absolutely spectacular lip-synching. Enjoy. [Read more...]