"To love another person is to see the face of God…"

That’s my nominee for Best Song Lyric Ever, from the final moments of “Les Miserables.” For those who missed it: below is the thrilling finale to the 25th anniversary concert, which aired Sunday night on PBS. In a word: wow. [Read more...]

This Sunday's gospel, set to music

A classic performance of a classic old hymn. (You can read the story behind it here.) Ladies and gentlemen: Miss Ethel Waters. [Read more...]

Looking for someone to pray for? How about Justin Bieber?

That’s the request from his mother, who is promoting his new movie and talking about her famous son’s Catholic upbringing and faith. From Catholic Online: Stardom came to Bieber when he posted a song for his grandmother on the video Web site YouTube. Mallette says she had no idea that the video of Justin singing [Read More...]

For my Valentine, "you are my only one"

When my wife and I were first married, all those years ago, if we were driving around and this song came on the radio, we’d crank up the volume and sing along at the top of our lungs. We’re still singing. Thank you, God, for that beautiful gift. Happy Valentine’s Day.  [Read more...]

For the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes: "Song of Bernadette"

People forget that Leonard Cohen wrote something else besides the now-ubiquitous “Hallelujah”. He composed this haunting ode to love and human frailty, “Song of Bernadette.”  Here’s the great Jennifer Warnes – whatever happened to her, by the way? — performing this, evidently on “The Smothers Brothers” show in the early 1970s. UPDATE: A friend on [Read More...]

Blast from the past: Sr. Janet Mead's "Our Father" from 1973

A jolly h/t to Frank Weathers who sent this my way. Boy, does this bring back memories.  Not long ago, my wife sent me on an iTunes search to try and find this popular rendition of the classic prayer that briefly hit the airwaves in the early ’70s.  These days, it’s nowhere to be found.  [Read More...]

The new missal: what will you be singing?

One of the most popular publishers of Catholic liturgical music is Oregon Catholic Press, or OCP.  You find their hymnals in a lot of parishes around the U.S., and their settings for the mass are probably among the most familiar anywhere.  (“Celtic Alleluia,” anyone?) Their website is now offering samples of some of the new [Read More...]

For Sargent Shriver: "Soon and Very Soon"

Vanessa Williams sang this rafter-raiser at Sargent Shriver’s funeral this morning — a mass celebrated by Washington’s Cardinal Wuerl at Our Lady of Mercy Church in Potomac, Maryland (which, by coincidence, happens to be where my wife attended grade school, and where the funerals for her grandparents were held.) Here’s a jubilant rendition of this [Read More...]

Extreme Makeover: the "Gloria" edition

Well, it’s not that extreme…but it’s definitely different. Here’s something that may be coming your way next Advent: the new “Gloria,” composed by Jeff Ostrowski, to accommodate the new translation of the Roman Missal.  H/T The Anchoress. Give a listen, below. [Read more...]

Life is a song — sing out!

Behold: another delightful “flash mob” from Philadelphia — a “Random Act of Culture” that unexpectedly brought opera to a busy marketplace.  (No Handel this time.) Enjoy! [Read more...]