Awesome: listen to this one-man choir

Behold: singer Sam Robson who, in multiple takes, created this stunningly beautiful a capella rendition of the hymn “I Need Thee, O I Need Thee.” [Read more...]

Restoration: bringing back a pipe organ in Brooklyn

Left, the Rev. Michael A. Perry, pastor of Our Lady of Refuge, sat at the organ with Joseph A. Vitacco III, the mastermind of the restoration. Photo by Bryan Thomas for the New York Times Here’s a great story from the In My Backyard Desk, courtesy the New York Times:  Joseph A. Vitacco III remembers [Read More...]

“Don’t you dare shake hands with me or offer signs of peace…”

A parishioner shared this with me, and it’s priceless. A little ditty by Richard Stilgoe and Peter Skellern about the Church of England—but it’s easily transferable (though, of course, we don’t have people like this in Catholic churches, do we?) Enjoy. [Read more...]

The last thing you’d expect to hear on “America’s Got Talent”

But it’s just great. Did the audience have any idea what they were hearing? Just watch. [Read more...]

Meet the man who sang at Rio’s Eucharistic Adoration: “The arms of St. Peter’s are really big”

It was a mesmerizing and deeply moving moment during the pope’s visit last week.  But who was the guy on his knees strumming the guitar? From Religion News Service:  Growing up Roman Catholic in Newfoundland, Matt Maher never imagined that his childhood interest in music would lead to a career as a Grammy-nominated, chart-topping Christian rocker — [Read More...]

“You Are a Freak. But I Mean That in a Good Way…”

A jaw-dropping, forehead-slapping performance from “America’s Got Talent.” Folks, this has to be seen to be believed. [Read more...]

Grace Under Pressure: This Kid is My Hero

What do you do when your cymbal breaks during “The Star-Spangled Banner”? Watch and learn. This guy’s great [Read more...]

“This Is My Story, This Is My Song”: A Hymn Becomes a Hit on Broadway

From this morning’s New York Times: Not long after the curtain rises on the second act of “The Trip to Bountiful,” the Broadway revival of the Horton Foote play at the Stephen Sondheim Theater, something unusual happens.Cicely Tyson, as Mrs. Carrie Watts, sits on a bus station bench in a small Texas town. She is on the [Read More...]

Perfectly Frank: A fascinating video glimpse inside the studio as Sinatra records “It Was a Very Good Year”

The singing legend died 15 years ago today. Herewith, a great piece of television, from a special Walter Cronkite hosted to mark Frank Sinatra’s 50th birthday in 1965. They don’t make singers like this anymore. And they don’t do television like this anymore, either. [Read more...]

For Mother’s Day: “She’s my best friend…”

A New Jersey priest has written a song celebrating mothers, and now the video is catching on. From the Catholic Star Herald in Camden: Pure Jerzy Kidz, a choir that includes children from five South Jersey schools, was formed to sing “Mom,” a song with lyrics by Father Edward Namiotka, pastor of St. Joseph Parish [Read More...]