The Gospel According to Britney: “Spears” musical retells the story of Christ

From the Christian Post:  A preview of a successfully crowd-funded musical that sets the story of Jesus’ life to Britney Spears music will play in New York City on November 7. Directed by recent Columbia University grad, Pat Blute, SPEARS will feature the singer’s music without any additional dialogue or lyrical edits. Blute said that he is [Read More...]

“For all the saints, who from their labors rest…”

A classic hymn that we hear every November 1. Crank up the volume—and remember to make Mass today!  This feast is necessary!   [Read more...]

Muzzled: New Jersey school district bans religious songs at holiday concerts

Details:  Students won’t be allowed to sing religious holiday songs at winter concerts in a south-central New Jersey school district. Bordentown Superintendent Constance J. Bauer issued a statement on Oct. 18 saying that some of the selections were questioned and that “religious music should not be part of the elementary program.” The statement added that [Read More...]


How about a little grace for a Sunday evening? This was “choir Sunday” at my parish, an annual event where the choir sings at all five Masses to raise awareness of their ministry, invite new members to join and, not insignificantly, plug the upcoming Christmas concert in mid-December. This piece was sung at communion: “Benedictus [Read More...]

“Odds are that we will probably be all right…”

Or so sing the boys from Barenaked Ladies—probably best-known as the group behind the theme song for “The Big Bang Theory” (Bazinga!) The video for their new single offers a reassuring message of survival from TV newscasters as the world comes to an end. Right about now, I think that’s something we all need to [Read More...]

Radio stations begin playing 24/7 Christmas music…NOW?!

This makes my head hurt:  For the past several years, Central New Yorkers have come to expect all-Christmas music to hit the radio on November 1.  This year, a new record — as of late Saturday night, October 5 — there are two FM frequencies where you can hear holiday hits around the clock.  ”Holly-FM” [Read More...]

“Take Our Bread”? No, “Bless the Lord”

Picking up where she left off last week, Mary DeTurris Poust offered some thoughts this morning on church music: I would like to suggest churches throw away the weird, impossible-to-sing but seemingly liturgically correct songs in favor of something classic or simple or just plain beautiful. And dare I even suggest that maybe we start [Read More...]

Must-see video: Renee Fleming sings Letterman’s Top 10 List

An instant classic. And she even mentions the pope. You have to see this for yourself. Suffice it to say: my sides hurt. [Read more...]

Awesome: listen to this one-man choir

Behold: singer Sam Robson who, in multiple takes, created this stunningly beautiful a capella rendition of the hymn “I Need Thee, O I Need Thee.” [Read more...]

Restoration: bringing back a pipe organ in Brooklyn

Left, the Rev. Michael A. Perry, pastor of Our Lady of Refuge, sat at the organ with Joseph A. Vitacco III, the mastermind of the restoration. Photo by Bryan Thomas for the New York Times Here’s a great story from the In My Backyard Desk, courtesy the New York Times:  Joseph A. Vitacco III remembers [Read More...]