Perfectly Frank: A fascinating video glimpse inside the studio as Sinatra records “It Was a Very Good Year”

The singing legend died 15 years ago today. Herewith, a great piece of television, from a special Walter Cronkite hosted to mark Frank Sinatra’s 50th birthday in 1965. They don’t make singers like this anymore. And they don’t do television like this anymore, either. [Read more...]

For Mother’s Day: “She’s my best friend…”

A New Jersey priest has written a song celebrating mothers, and now the video is catching on. From the Catholic Star Herald in Camden: Pure Jerzy Kidz, a choir that includes children from five South Jersey schools, was formed to sing “Mom,” a song with lyrics by Father Edward Namiotka, pastor of St. Joseph Parish [Read More...]

Yawn: another rock video mocks the Catholic Church

Hasn’t Madonna already done this to death? Details:  Gary Oldman and Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard star in the latest video from David Bowie, featuring debauched Catholic clergymen. The promo, which premiered online this morning, depicts French star Cotillard as a dancing girl who bleeds from stigmata marks on her palms while Bowie plays a Jesus-like [Read More...]

Want beautiful sacred music? Don’t go to church. Head to the train station.

Proof, from the New York Times:  On a recent Sunday afternoon, 17 people with sheet music gathered in a semicircle in the Graybar Passage at Grand Central Terminal. People streamed by. After a brief warm-up, the group’s conductor, John Hetland, dressed in dark jeans and a green plaid shirt, lifted his hands and the chorus began its [Read More...]

Kids in kilts: this is spectacular

Check out this grin-inducing drum line performance from a talent show two years ago at Lake Howell High School in Orlando. These guys call themselves the Hot Scots. Enjoy. [Read more...]

“Back to church, we goin’ back to church!”

This was put together last year for “Back to Church Sunday,” a Protestant outreach event that happens every September.  A friend just posted it on FB.  It’s a scream. [Read more...]

Planning a wedding? Good luck topping this…

Last May, British singer-songwriter Tom Fletcher stood up at his wedding reception and sang a speech to the bridal party. Last week, he decided to post it online. It’s become a sensation, with over eight million hits so far on YouTube. After you’ve watched it below, you’ll understand why. He set the speech to some [Read More...]

Heavenly and heartbreaking: Newtown kids singing “Over the Rainbow”

Kids from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown appeared on “Good Morning America” yesterday with singer Ingrid Michaelson for a sweetly moving rendition of a song that, I dare say, has never resonated quite like this. Check it out, and learn the story behind it, below.  Warning: Kleenex suggested. [Read more...]

One Take More…and another and another: Shooting “Les Mis” and seeing songs as prayers

Director Tom Hooper discusses the work that went into his interpretation of the musical, and offers this interesting insight:  He said that he had consulted Australian director Baz Luhrmann who pointed out that moving between singing and talking can be difficult for an audience: “He said unless you can make some kind of contract with [Read More...]

Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” re-imagined for Christmas

We’ve all heard Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” sung in a variety of styles — from the sweetly simple to the epic and grandiose.  But you’ve probably never heard it quite like this, beautifully re-imagined for the Christmas season by the band Cloverton.   Purists will blanche.  But I loved it.  See for yourself and decide. Consider [Read More...]