Egypt’s Grand Mufti condemns ISIS—UPDATED

Another important Muslim voice joins the chorus of condemnation: Egypt’s Grand Mufti on Monday condemned the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), saying its horrific actions take it “far from Islam.” Last week leading Muslim institutions denounced ISIS’s killing Steven Sotloff, the second U.S. journalist to be executed by the jihadist group. Former Deputy Imam [Read More...]

The media war between ISIS and mainstream Muslims

An interesting development, courtesy CNN’s Beliefs blog:  The challenge was directed at the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. But the impassioned message, laced with Islamic phrases, sought a much wider audience. The statement came from Barak Barfi, a spokesman for the family of slain American journalist Steve Sotloff. Sotloff, who reported for Time and other publications, [Read More...]

Muslim leaders in UK issue fatwa condemning those who join ISIS

Details, from HuffPo:  Muslim leaders in the UK have issued a fatwa condemning British jihadis who fight alongside the Islamic State terrorist group, saying they are “betraying their own societies”. The fatwa, which The Sunday Times (£) said had been issued by imams, is the strongest condemnation yet of Britons joining Islamic extremists by the Muslim [Read More...]

Indiana churches vandalized with verses from Quran—UPDATED

Details:  Columbus Police said they’ve never had anything like it – three churches vandalized in the same night.Someone spray painted them on the outside. It’s the words used, though, that have some people asking if this was more than a prank.“It was just one word. It said ‘Infidels!’” Father Doug Marcotte said of what was [Read More...]

Muslim scholar: “I’m a Nazarene, too”

From Catholic News Agency:  Referring to the label “Nazarene” marked on houses of Christians in Iraq by the militant Islamic State, a Muslim scholar also called himself Nazarene in solidarity – maintaining that many people in the Muslim community are identifying with Christians as well.“Millions of Muslims have used the Arab letter ‘nun,’ or ‘n,’ [Read More...]

The vocation shortage among…Muslims?

From The Wall Street Journal: Even as the Muslim population in the U.S. multiplies, the number of religious leaders, known as imams, lags behind.Many Muslim immigrants have steered their children away from religious leadership roles and toward careers in medicine, engineering, law and business, said Jihad Turk, an imam and president of Bayan Claremont, the [Read More...]

The Muslims who are condemning ISIS—UPDATED

They are out there—and they are becoming more vocal. From CNEWA’s Rev. Elias Mallon, S.A., Ph.D:  Faced with the unrelenting reports about the sufferings of Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria, even Christians who are friendly toward Muslims can be perplexed and ask, “Why aren’t Muslims speaking out against these atrocities?” The answer [Read More...]

Turkey’s prime minister: women should not laugh out loud

Details:  Women should not laugh out loud in public or speak of trivial matters on the phone, according to Turkish deputy prime minister, Bulent Arınc. Mr Arınc urged men and women to remember the importance of chastity during an Eid al-Fitr meeting on Monday in Bursa, west Turkey, and to have an acute awareness of [Read More...]

From the president: “Eid is a time of joy…this season enriches the life of our great country”

“Eid is a time of joy, after a season of fasting and prayer and reflection. Each year, the end of Ramadan means celebration and thanksgiving for millions of Americans. And your joy during this season enriches the life of our great country… it’s a good time for people of these great faiths, Islam, Judaism and Christianity, [Read More...]

A descendant of Muhammad calls for an end to violence in the name of religion

Remarkable and noteworthy: In a region and world of increasing polarization and intolerance, Jordanian Prince El Hassan bin Talal has for decades been a beacon of tolerance and understanding in the Middle East. As founder and chair of the Royal Institute for Inter-faith Studies and Co-founder and chair of the Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural [Read More...]