Pope visits mosque, offers moment of “silent adoration”

Details:  Pope Francis has arrived in Istanbul for the second leg of his three-day visit to Turkey, in a richly-symbolic trip. Like his predecessor, he prayed at the Blue Mosque, which was his first stop, before visiting the Hagia Sophia. The Pope was welcomed by Turkish authorities and GreekOrthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I at the Atatürk Airport at 10.29 a.m. [Read More...]

Report: ISIS terrorist seen on video was once a “devout Catholic”

From The Independent:  The disturbing face of French “jihadism” has been revealed by a statistical survey and by the most recent, horrific video clip from Isis. The “face” is French or European, rather than Arab or North African. It belongs to a young man from a loving, non-religious family who has “self-converted” to extremist Islam [Read More...]

Did you hear what the descendent of Muhammed said about Christianity the other day?

The leader of Jordan gave an interview to Vatican Radio:  “To lose Christianity from the birthplace of Christianity” in the Middle East “would be to lose the richness of the tapestry of this pluralist region:”  that’s according to Jordan’s Prince El Hassan bin Talal who granted an exclusive interview to Vatican Radio’s Tracey McClure at [Read More...]

Meet the Catholic priest risking his life to save Muslims

A remarkable and inspiring witness, from The Guardian: The test of faith for which Father Bernard Kinvi had waited half his life arrived one January dawn when a heavily armed man with a necklace of talismans pulled up on a motorbike outside the Roman Catholic mission hospital in Bossemptele. Despite being a member of the [Read More...]

New York Times: James Foley converted to Islam soon after his capture—UPDATED

Numerous reports at the time of his death cited his Catholic faith. But a report in today’s New York Times has more details about his life in the days before his execution—and it paints a different picture:  Mr. Foley converted to Islam soon after his capture and adopted the name Abu Hamza, Mr. Bontinck said. [Read More...]

From the synod: the witness of a Catholic woman married to a Muslim

She’s Mrs. Jeanette Toure, from the Ivory Coast. An excerpt from her remarks:  How can a man, a Muslim, and a woman, a Catholic Christian, who for more than 52 years have loved one another, and who continue to love each other still today,  be witnesses of the Gospel for their children, for their surroundings, for their friends, [Read More...]

Muslims rally in Paris to protest ISIS; Muslim leaders issue condemnation of violence

Details:  Hundreds of Muslims have gathered near the Grand Mosque in Paris to condemn the execution of the French tourist, Herve Gourdel, by Islamic State-linked jihadists and the rise of Islamophobia caused by it. The demonstrators were holding up placards, reading “”Tribute to Herve Gourdel” and “God is merciful” as well as signs with NotInMyName hastag. The [Read More...]

Egypt’s Grand Mufti condemns ISIS—UPDATED

Another important Muslim voice joins the chorus of condemnation: Egypt’s Grand Mufti on Monday condemned the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), saying its horrific actions take it “far from Islam.” Last week leading Muslim institutions denounced ISIS’s killing Steven Sotloff, the second U.S. journalist to be executed by the jihadist group. Former Deputy Imam [Read More...]

The media war between ISIS and mainstream Muslims

An interesting development, courtesy CNN’s Beliefs blog:  The challenge was directed at the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. But the impassioned message, laced with Islamic phrases, sought a much wider audience. The statement came from Barak Barfi, a spokesman for the family of slain American journalist Steve Sotloff. Sotloff, who reported for Time and other publications, [Read More...]

Muslim leaders in UK issue fatwa condemning those who join ISIS

Details, from HuffPo:  Muslim leaders in the UK have issued a fatwa condemning British jihadis who fight alongside the Islamic State terrorist group, saying they are “betraying their own societies”. The fatwa, which The Sunday Times (£) said had been issued by imams, is the strongest condemnation yet of Britons joining Islamic extremists by the Muslim [Read More...]