Syracuse board approves removing crosses from former Catholic church so it can become a mosque

Details:  A city board on Thursday gave a Muslim group the go-ahead to remove six crosses from the roof and spires of a century-old former Catholic church so the now-vacant Gothic structure can be used as a mosque. More than 200 people had signed an online petition calling on the Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board to [Read More...]

Pope encourages Muslim-Christian group meeting “Together Around Mary, Our Lady”

From ZENIT:  The 8th Islamic-Christian Prayer Meeting was held Tuesday, feast of the Annunciation, in Beirut, Lebanon, and focused on the theme “Together around Mary, Our Lady.” The Solemnity of the Annunciation is marked by both Christians and Muslims and was declared a national holiday by the Lebanese government in 2010 The meeting was organized [Read More...]

Catholic Church pushing for right to use the word “Allah”

From The Wall Street Journal:  The Catholic Church is gearing up for an expected tough fight Wednesday at Malaysia’s highest court when it argues for the right to appeal a lower court decision banning it from using the word “Allah” in its newspaper. The lower court ruled the word is exclusive to Muslims, who make [Read More...]

Katy Perry video edited after Muslims charge blasphemy

Details from the BBC:  The video for Katy Perry’s track Dark Horse has been edited following claims from some Muslims it was blasphemous. More than 65,000 people signed a petition which stated the clip - featuring a pendant with the Arabic word for God on it being reduced to sand – was offensive. The music video has [Read More...]

Sanctuary: Catholic church provides refuge for African Muslims

Muslims pray as they hide at a Catholic church in Carnot, a town 200 kilometers (125 miles) from the Cameroonian border in Central African Republic.  (AP Photo/Krista Larson) Remarkable, from the AP:  The Christian militiamen know hundreds of Muslims are hiding here on the grounds of the Catholic church and now they’re giving them a [Read More...]

Islamist group prays for earthquake in Sochi

From Reuters:  A militant Islamist group has urged followers to pray for an earthquake in Sochi during the Winter Olympics to avenge Muslims who died there fighting “Russian infidels”. The appeal was made by a local branch of the Caucasus Emirate, a group which is waging an insurgency for an Islamist state in Russia’s North Caucasus and [Read More...]

Egyptian government orders topics for Muslim sermons

Details:  Mosques across Egypt have witnessed the first Friday sermon on a set theme chosen by the government as part of newly introduced controls on Muslim places of worship. The policy is controversial in a country that is deeply polarised after the army overthrew President Mohammad Morsi last year after mass protests, amid deep resentment [Read More...]

German cardinal under fire for comment about Muslims

Details:  Archbishop Joachim Meisner of Cologne, a German cardinal of the Catholic Church, landed in hot water for a comment that offended many Muslims living in the diverse city. While speaking on Friday to members of a conservative Catholic group, Meisner praised the large size of many of the families present. He commented, “I always say, one of your [Read More...]

Priest facing prosecution for using “Allah” to refer to God

From Christian Post:  A Roman Catholic priest and director of a diocesan newspaper in Malaysia is facing prosecution for using the word “Allah” to refer to God in his publication, something that is prohibited by law in the Muslim majority nation. “The situation is quite serious. There is great concern in the Catholic Church because [Read More...]

Muslims help rebuild a Catholic church

Heartening and inspiring news from the Philippines: Christian residents of this city’s Santa Catalina district found nothing unusual about Muslims bearing carpenters’ tools — until they realized the Muslims had volunteered to help rebuild a Catholic chapel. “We thought they were just looking for damaged mosques to rebuild,” said Jimmy Villaflores, Santa Catalina barangay (village) [Read More...]