“Hungry” gets a little buzz

A few weeks back, I posted on the collection of homilies to which I contributed, “Hungry and You Fed Me.”  Now, The Times of Trenton has written about it, plugging an upcoming book signing (I’ll be there, so if you’re in New Jersey, come on by and say hello!): Fifteen homilists of various Christian denominations [Read More...]

Midnight Mass in Queens

The gifted photographer Niranjan Fernando captured these beautiful images from last night at my parish, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, in Forest Hills. [Read more...]

The best advice I ever got about serving Mass at Christmas…

…It was actually something I overheard. As I’ve noted before, we have a remarkable cadre of altar servers in my parish—100 of ‘em, boys and girls, from ages 8 to 18, every one of them a gem.  They are selfless, generous, enthusiastic and (for the most part, except for a few yawners, scratchers and gigglers) [Read More...]

Merry Christmas from The Bench!

If you somehow slipped off my mailing list this year…do me a favor and just pretend you got this in the mail. Merry Christmas!  [Read more...]

On Friday night, 50 teenagers gathered to pray…

This morning, I got an e-mail from the young man who oversees our parish youth group and altar servers. He’s a graduate student at Fordham, working on his doctorate, and arranged an Advent Prayer Service for the  teenagers. He wanted to tell me what happened: We had placed candles around that table and placed in [Read More...]

Behold, the Orthodox deacons of Ethiopia

Do you have vestments like these? Over at our CNEWA blog, ONE-TO-ONE, there’s an interesting look at the clergy in that part of the world: Traditionally, a priest’s primary duty is the celebration of the Qeddase — in Ethiopia, typically five priests concelebrate — and other liturgical rites, particularly burials. Liturgical festivals feature rhythmic dancing, [Read More...]

An encounter with St. Nick

My colleague Michael La Civita posted this remembrance of a poignant trip to Italy over at CNEWA’s blog, ONE-TO-ONE:  In May 1997, I traveled to Puglia, Italy, to visit my father’s family. While there, I visited Bari, home to the Wonder Worker, good ole St. Nick. Here’s how I concluded an article on that visit, which [Read More...]

Video: my parish centennial

For the really curious, or really bored, here’s something nifty: a short video report from NET on my parish centennial from last Sunday, featuring a couple highlights of the Mass, along with interviews with Bishop DiMarzio and my new pastor, Bishop Sanchez. (Look closely and you may catch a fleeting glimpse of Your Humble Blogger.) [Read More...]

Brooklyn gets its third basilica

From the In My Backyard Desk, some heartening and happy news–and it’s really quite remarkable. Is there any other diocese in the United States with three minor basilicas? The announcement from the diocese: This morning, the Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn, was informed by Pope Benedict XVI of the decision to designate Regina [Read More...]

Picture this: our parish centennial Mass

The superb photographer Niranjan Fernando, a parishioner, captured these images from my parish centennial Mass Sunday. (N.B., the lady lector is The Deacon’s Wife :-)) [Read more...]