Scenes from the Easter Vigil

A great big thank you to my friend Niranjan Fernando who took these gorgeous shots of the Easter Vigil! It includes a shot of the chanting of the Exultet, and the blessing of the water used for baptism. (Click on pictures to enlarge.) [Read more...]

"If you can't find a seat, don't worry. Next week, we'll have plenty of room."

That was how a priest at my parish opened mass this morning, and we all knew exactly what he meant.  This is what it looked like from the front door of the church at 1:15, Easter Sunday: Standing room only at all the masses, lots of unfamiliar faces, a few colorful hats. A couple people [Read More...]

My Holy Saturday

A drizzly, miserable spring morning here in New York.  Sloshed through puddles to the church for 9:30 coffee and bagels with the RCIA crew, followed by rehearsal for the Easter Vigil.  I got to meet The Candle and try it out for size. It’s big.  Really really big. One of the priests walked everyone through [Read More...]

Sunday's baptisms: 15 babies, 30 parents, 200 people

That was the tally, roughly, for this Sunday’s baptism, which looked a little like this: I’d mentioned this large group in a post on Saturday, and some people were shocked. I was a little apprehensive about it myself — my wife, “Minister of the Towel and Oils” had misgivings, too. The last time I’d baptized [Read More...]

Happy Feast Day, everyone

The Annunciation, as depicted in the movie “The Nativity”: This morning, a priest burst into my cubicle and said cheerfully: “Happy Feast Day! We are all announcing the Good News! This is our feast!” Then he bopped on to the next cubicle to repeat the same message. Well, it’s not quite the same annunciation that [Read More...]

Is this the best he could do? Really?

Can I ask for a do-over? [Read more...]

My week without TV

What happens when the cable box goes? I talk about that in this week’s “All Things New”: Well, for one thing, I actually began to read, deeply. I found myself dawdling over the Liturgy of the Hours, dipping into the Office of Readings. I put the Kindle I got for Christmas to good use, downloading [Read More...]

A little news

A few people have wondered about the new job I alluded to in this post. Well briefly: earlier this month I decided to step away from the world of broadcasting, and  NET in Brooklyn, to return to my roots in print. I accepted an offer to become the new Executive Editor of ONE, the acclaimed [Read More...]

Behold: "All Things New"

I was away most of the day — down in Trenton for a funeral — so I completely forgot (smack of forehead!) that today marked the beginning of my new column at Patheos, “All Things New.” If you missed it and are curious, check it out.  It will be up every Wednesday (if I remember [Read More...]


I knew Lara Logan during my time at CBS News, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more tenacious, eager, committed reporter. She was someone who could have gotten by on just her looks, but didn’t.  She rolled up her sleeves and went into some of the most dangerous places on earth, to get the [Read More...]