I knew Lara Logan during my time at CBS News, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more tenacious, eager, committed reporter. She was someone who could have gotten by on just her looks, but didn’t.  She rolled up her sleeves and went into some of the most dangerous places on earth, to get the [Read More...]


That was what they used to call her, that barely five-foot tall bundle of life and laughter, the warm and winsome wonder whom I knew better as just “Aunt Agnes.” She was the wife of my dad’s oldest brother, Joe Kandra; that’s the two of them, above, a decade or so ago, shortly before he [Read More...]

Top 200 Catholic blogs

Someone (okay: Eric Sammons) decided to check blog readership via their Google subscription, and came up with some interesting findings. In the Top 200: #1 – What Does the Prayer Really Say? #2 – Whispers in the Loggia #75 – Archdiocese of Washington (featuring Msgr. Charles Pope) #132 – A Concord Pastor Comments #140 – [Read More...]

For the birds

Over the weekend, I took the plunge and upgraded my mobile phone.  (I got an EVO, if anyone is wondering.) This thing is a marvel that would not be out of place at Spacely Sprockets.  It keeps my calendar, takes my pictures, shoots my video, finds my destination, locates a restaurant, and even provides me [Read More...]

I'm back!

Miss me? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I spent the last two days in Washington for a meeting of the USCCB’s Communications Committee (where I serve as a consultant).  I managed to arrive before the big fat snowstorm that walloped the Northeast (and that, incredibly, left barely an inch of snow in Washington.) Blogging will [Read More...]

New Year's resolutions for Catholics

Okay.  So maybe you don’t need to lose weight or give up smoking.  Looking for some other resolutions for 2011?  Look no further. I wrote this several years ago for my parish bulletin, and it was reprinted this week.  I got a lot of comments about it after mass today, so I thought I’d post [Read More...]

Me and my Kindle

When it comes to reading electronic books, or e-books, I was an agnostic. All that changed over the holidays. Now, I’m a believer.  I have seen the light.  It emanates from a little grey pad of plastic called a Kindle. My in-laws gave me a Kindle (Amazon’s version of an e-reader) for Christmas.  Minutes after [Read More...]

I'm homeward bound

Regular blogging should resume Wednesday. Until then, for all travelers on this week of jaw-dropping snow and headache-inducing delays…a musical interlude from two boys from Forest Hills, Queens. Traveling mercies! [Read more...]

Christmas in Queens

From the nativity scene outside my parish. Blessed Christmas, everyone! [Read more...]

Christ is born!

I’ve seen him for myself, at my parish. A snapshot from Christmas Eve, below. I told the father: “He’s the best baby Jesus ever! I mean, the SECOND best!” [Read more...]