Staying power

The picture below appeared in our diocesan newspaper, The Tablet: The caption: Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church, Forest Hills, boasts more than 100 members of its Altar Server Society. College and high school members were among the 50 servers who joined with Auxiliary Bishop Paul Sanchez, pastor, and the parish priests and deacons at [Read More...]

How I spent Epiphany Sunday

I spent part of the day with these guys: Our 11:30 Mass included the presentation of gifts by the magi, and a lovely procession of altar servers, carrying candles and torches. Our administrator, Fr. Frank Passenant, also began the liturgy with an old tradition: blessing chalk, and then scrawling the date above the entry to [Read More...]

Snow day in Queens

It’s not the snow that’s so bad. It’s the cold—with wind chill, hovering in the single digits. One benefit: the snow covers the piles of garbage waiting to be collected at the curb. Personally, I’m grateful for the free day. On my to-do list: I have an annulment report to write, a homily to finish, [Read More...]


Went downstairs tonight to look out the front window of our building. Here is what I saw: Queens at 11 PM ET. Pretty mild so far. Major props to the building staff for shoveling the walk! [Read more...]

Where were you on New Year’s Eve 1977?

I was here: A friend sent me this shot. I was a freshman in college, attending the wedding of some classmates from high school. If you can’t pick me out, I’m the one who looks like he’s going for a job interview. Yes, those are bell bottoms. And yes, that’s a massive leather band on [Read More...]

My favorite church

It’s where my wife and I were married 27 years ago: the chapel at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Rockville, Md. We paid a visit today, before heading back to New York, and had the privilege of praying during Adoration and sharing in the celebration of the mid-day Mass. There were about 70 or 80 [Read More...]

On the fourth day of Christmas…

…we spent a wonderful evening with family, including a lively posse of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. My sister-in-law baked a batch of her legendary chocolate-mint brownies. The house was positively teeming with life and laughter and love. God is good. Merry Christmas. Camera: Panasonic Lumix LX7 [Read more...]

On the second day of Christmas…

More from my new Lumix LX7, with an amazing Leica lens that just drinks up the light. Merry Christmas, Day Two, from my in-laws’ home in Maryland. Below, Christmas Still Life: tree, father-in-law, fire, TV. Who could ask for anything more? Oh, and there are a couple small dogs involved, too. Below, the “upstairs tree.” [Read More...]

Topless woman disrupts Christmas Mass in Germany

Okay. And this helps her cause…how?? Details:  An activist of FEMEN women’s movement staged a protest action during a Christmas mass in the main cathedral of Cologne, Kolner Dom. The topless girl climbed onto the altar of the cathedral in protest against the Vatican propaganda of criminalization of abortions. The woman displayed a slogan “I [Read More...]

Snap: Looking for a new camera? Let me tell you about mine.

Inspired by my blog neighbor Rebecca Hamilton, I thought I’d write about my own recent investment in a new camera. A lot of us of a certain age remember the camera shown here: a nifty Kodak Instamatic that used up plastic flashbulbs like ice cubes.  My dad took hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures with [Read More...]