On the fourth day of Christmas…

…we spent a wonderful evening with family, including a lively posse of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. My sister-in-law baked a batch of her legendary chocolate-mint brownies. The house was positively teeming with life and laughter and love. God is good. Merry Christmas. Camera: Panasonic Lumix LX7 [Read more...]

On the second day of Christmas…

More from my new Lumix LX7, with an amazing Leica lens that just drinks up the light. Merry Christmas, Day Two, from my in-laws’ home in Maryland. Below, Christmas Still Life: tree, father-in-law, fire, TV. Who could ask for anything more? Oh, and there are a couple small dogs involved, too. Below, the “upstairs tree.” [Read More...]

Topless woman disrupts Christmas Mass in Germany

Okay. And this helps her cause…how?? Details:  An activist of FEMEN women’s movement staged a protest action during a Christmas mass in the main cathedral of Cologne, Kolner Dom. The topless girl climbed onto the altar of the cathedral in protest against the Vatican propaganda of criminalization of abortions. The woman displayed a slogan “I [Read More...]

Snap: Looking for a new camera? Let me tell you about mine.

Inspired by my blog neighbor Rebecca Hamilton, I thought I’d write about my own recent investment in a new camera. A lot of us of a certain age remember the camera shown here: a nifty Kodak Instamatic that used up plastic flashbulbs like ice cubes.  My dad took hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures with [Read More...]

Reminder: bring a camera to Mass on Christmas

Tonight, I stopped by the rectory to meet a family about a baptism. After my meeting, I ran into our parish administrator.  “Hey, want to see the church before you go?,” he said, in that excited way that meant, “You have to see the church before you go.”  Sure, I said.  We went down the [Read More...]

Danger: deacon on Skype

Last week, New Evangelist TJ Burdick invited me to do a Skype interview for his website, Catholic Snacks. I was happy to oblige. I’d contributed to TJ’s e-book, “One Body, Many Blogs,” and have admired the work he’s doing here on the digital continent. The conversation ended up being a lot of fun.  We talked [Read More...]

Coming soon to a pew rack near you…

Look what just arrived in my mailbox: This is a small pamphlet (very small: 15 pages, sized to fit in a purse or pocket) I wrote for the good people at Creative Communications for the Parish. For more information, check out their website. Fun fact: it’s even got an Imprimatur (that’s a first for me) [Read More...]

On Archbishop Kurtz: “He’s very deacon-friendly”

Hearing the news this morning about the election of Louisville’s Archbishop Joseph Kurtz as USCCB president, a deacon friend dropped me a line to report that the new president is “very deacon-friendly.” He was certainly friendly to this deacon when I met him a couple years ago in Nashville at the annual convention of the [Read More...]

I’m back! And look who I bumped into!

I’m back from my quick jaunt to Washington, which actually was a quick jaunt to Alexandria, Virginia, just across the river. There, I sat on a panel discussing blogging for the regional meeting of the Catholic Press Association (my companions for the session were Matt Palmer from the USCCB and noted “Mommy Blogger” Elizabeth Foss). [Read More...]

Want to nurture young Catholics? Here. Try this.

We installed new altar servers at my parish this morning: 38 kids, the largest class ever. This brings the grand total of servers to something close to 150 (not sure the exact number…it might be 140.)  The picture here shows the new recruits lined up in the main foyer of the rectory, waiting for the [Read More...]