Got ash?

I do. [Read more...]

Another pretty church: Our Holy Redeemer on Long Island

I spent the weekend giving pulpit talks on behalf of CNEWA at Our Holy Redeemer parish in Freeport, Long Island. I served and preached at three Masses; my colleague Norma Intriago, the director of development, spoke at the two Hispanic Masses. What a pretty, old-fashioned kind of church. As I joked to the pastor at the beginning [Read More...]

Guess who just had to change his name on Facebook?

View image | That would be me. As I do periodically, I decided today to change my password. I did. When I signed in again, a little box popped up saying that it looked like my name wasn’t authentic and I should change it. I tried to sign in again, again using my three-name ID—Deacon [Read More...]

Remembering Bob Simon

One afternoon, Bob Simon appeared in the door of my office at “60 Minutes II,” a sheaf of papers in his hand.  He was working on a script. “Greg, just the person I’m looking for,” he said. And glancing at the script, he read me a phrase that didn’t sound right to him. Looking up, [Read More...]

The speakin’ deacon: thanks to divine Providence

Spent a wonderful 24 hours in scenic, snowy Providence, Rhode Island Friday and Saturday, speaking to the convocation of deacons at the elegant Radisson Hotel at the airport. About 100 deacons and their wives attended to hear my talk on “Evangelization in the Digital Age.” I received a gracious welcome from Deacon James Walsh and his crew. [Read More...]

Working wonders together

Of all the remarkable things that take place in this gospel passage, the most significant may be that none of the apostles do it on their own. “Jesus summoned the Twelve,” Mark wrote, “and began to send them out two by two.” After that, all bets are off. The apostles expel demons and cure the [Read More...]

That blizzard? “It’s a bust”

That was the three-word assessment from our doorman this morning when I went outside to take a look. While places further east and north got more, we were lucky in Queens; we didn’t get as much as they predicted. I’ve seen worse. We may end up with a foot or so, but not much more. (It’s [Read More...]

In praise of Pio

We just completed the annual novena at my parish in honor of St. Pio—more popularly known as Padre Pio. Our church includes a life-sized statue of the saint, which is an object of great devotion and affection. So as we prayed for Pio’s intervention over the last few days, I was reminded of this piece [Read More...]

Let there be Christmas lights!

While visiting family in Maryland for the holidays, we decided to stop by a place that’s gotten a lot of attention in the local media: the Kentlands Christmas Lights in Gaithersburg. From  If you happen to be out for a drive in Gaithersburg, be sure to stop at this home where Mike Draghici has programmed [Read More...]

This year’s best Christmas gift

Back in the early days of the last century, my wife’s great-grandmother Agnes Meyer and her husband set out to raise a large family in a far-flung corner of Iowa. They had eight children; she was pregnant with her ninth when her husband went out to work in the fields one morning and collapsed from [Read More...]