When a priest dies

Since this is a subject my parish is now facing, I thought I’d share some details about traditions and customs surrounding the funeral of a priest. Fr. Joshua Janko blogged about this a few years ago: What are some of the traditional practices that accompany a priest when they die? Well, I should first start [Read More...]

Rest in peace, Msgr. Joseph Funaro

Yesterday, I asked for prayers for my pastor emeritus, Msgr. Joseph Funaro. Early this morning, his earthly journey came to an end.  He was 76. O God, Thou didst raise Thy servant, Joseph, to the sacred priesthood of Jesus Christ, according to the Order of Melchisedech, giving him the sublime power to offer the Eternal [Read More...]

A prayer for Joe Funaro

Msgr. Funaro, seated, with the parish clergy, just before Midnight Mass 2012.  My pastor emeritus, Msgr. Joseph Funaro, is gravely ill.  Please whisper a prayer for him and all who love him. He mentored me through diaconate formation, and helped make me the deacon I am today. Across the years, he has been a gracious [Read More...]

“Nothing short of a miracle”: mystery priest appears at crash site

You never see stories like this in the mainstream media, but here’s one from Missouri this week: Rescue workers want to thank a higher power for coming to the rescue early Sunday morning. Emergency crews spent an hour and a half trying to extricate a 19-year-old Quincy woman trapped in her in crushed car on [Read More...]

Open wide: Hundreds show up for Catholic Charities free dental clinic

From my Shamelessly Proud of Where I Came From file…a great story involving my alma mater in Maryland, St. Vincent Pallotti High School:  The first two people in line arrived within 10 minutes of each other Friday evening, ready to sleep on the sidewalk overnight for free dental care at a high school in Laurel on [Read More...]

Thank you, George and Mary Kandra

 George and Mary Kandra, my grandparents, with their daughter, Anne, in the backyard of the their home in Taylor, Pennsylvania. Date unknown. A long time ago you came to this country in the bottom of a boat, from a far-flung corner of Slovakia. I never knew much more than that; your home town, I think, [Read More...]

A Visit to “Busted Halo”

So, as I mentioned earlier today, I was invited to be a guest this afternoon on the “Busted Halo” radio show, on the Catholic Channel at Sirius XM Radio.  I’ve done the show a couple times before, and also paid a visit to the Sirius studios to chat with another staple of the channel, “The [Read More...]


If you have satellite radio, you can hear Your Humble Blogger this afternoon on the Busted Halo Radio Show, on Sirius XM. From their Facebook page: Friday, we are live 2-5p East. Guests: author of Dead Man Walking Sister Helen Prejean, Deacon Greg Kandra of The Deacon’s Bench blog, and one of the Catholics Next [Read More...]

Stuff I Did in Denver

As you may recall, I spent most of last week at the 2013 Catholic Media Conference in Denver. If you missed my Facebook posts — what, you weren’t hanging on my every word? —here’s a quick photographic recap. Moments after we landed at the Denver International Airport on Tuesday, a tornado hit. They sent everyone [Read More...]

Just Hanging Out in Denver

It’s not often that I find myself sandwiched between two archbishops, but I did Friday night, when I had the privilege of serving as deacon for a Mass concelebrated by Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez and Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila. The occasion was the closing liturgy for the 2013 Catholic Media Conference in Denver. Archbishop [Read More...]