“Gatsby,” great and otherwise

With all the attention being lavished on the new adaptation of “The Great Gatsby,” I was reminded of a visit I paid to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s grave a couple years ago — and my bemusement at finding there a bottle, a glass and a book (see above.) The grave, at St. Marcy’s Catholic Church in [Read More...]

“Reporter” listed as worst job of 2013

From the Wall Street Journal: This year, several professions geared toward serving the financial and health needs of an aging population made the top ten, says Lee, including audiologist, financial planner, and physical therapist. As for the worst job of 2013? Newspaper reporter bumped last year’s loser, lumberjack, for the ignominious distinction. “It’s been low [Read More...]

Cry babies

What do you think about kids crying in church? We’ve been reading about  it here and here and here. Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about it  on the Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick at 6:35 am ET. [Read more...]

Easter 2013

And how did you spend your weekend? Happy Easter!  He is risen!  Alleluia! Photos by Rosalind Chan-Ganzhi [Read more...]

The Triduum champs

From my parish tonight: the altar servers pictured below took part in every single liturgy of the Triduum, from the Mass of the Lord’s Supper Thursday night to the Easter Vigil Saturday. Five liturgies in three days.  Kudos to one and all, especially the ringleader, David James (the proud fellow on the left, beaming). I’m [Read More...]

O happy fault: living with a deacon at Easter time

It can’t be easy living with a deacon, especially now. Every year, for a few weeks before Easter, the deacon pulls out sheet music and starts practicing that Everest of liturgical song, the Exsultet:  a nine-minute a capella chant sung in near-darkness at the start of the Easter Vigil. Around our home, the Exsultet is [Read More...]

Why am I Catholic?

Patheos posed the question and asked for a 200-word answer. Okay. I’ll keep it simple. At bottom, it’s all about the stuff.   Free stuff.  Stuff like grace, inspiration, consolation, joy.  Oh: and best of all, Jesus Christ himself, in the Eucharist. Old stuff.  History. Tradition.  Scripture. Latin.  Mysterious stuff. Things I will spend a lifetime [Read More...]

Have you been to confession lately?

This is Reconciliation Monday for the greater New York area — every church in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island will be open to hear confessions today from 3 pm to 9 pm. You can read more here.   I wrote about the sacrament and its effects from a personal perspective a few [Read More...]

Radio daze

Those who have nothing better to do this afternoon will be able to catch Your Humble Blogger chatting away with Lino Rulli on Sirius Satellite Radio.    I’ll be on sometime around 5:30 ET, discussing various things papal—including media coverage of the resignation. For me, it marks a return trip to “The Catholic Guy”—I visited [Read More...]

Cardinal Dolan’s final Mass before heading to Rome

The question some folks were asking: will he be coming back? The shot above was taken at St. John the Evangelist this morning, the parish church located in the New York Catholic Center in Manhattan, where the Archdiocese has its offices (and where I work). The cardinal celebrated Mass with some of the other priests [Read More...]