Sisters from Mexico arrive to serve the “mission territory” of North Dakota

From The Williston Herald newspaper: An influx of Hispanic workers in the western North Dakota oil patch is transforming the Roman Catholic Church. Father Russell Kovash, of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, said the Catholic church has the largest denomination in the country, and he has a hunch it does in the state as well. St. [Read More...]

“Would you like a rosary?”

Catholic San Francisco this week has this glimpse at an unusual lay ministry—one that is, literally, taking it to the streets: Office workers on their lunch hour, shivering tourists, local street folk and others crisscrossing the sidewalks near San Francisco’s Metreon complex Aug. 18 walked past – and a few around – the burly man [Read More...]

Dolly Parton’s priest: “Father Jim is the best opening act I’ve ever had”

Now for something completely different. From Richmond, Kentucky:  In the three years since it opened, no performer has filled the EKU Center for the Arts with sound or fans as Dolly Parton did Tuesday night. The Country Music Hall of Famer made her second appearance  in Richmond for the St. Mark Catholic Church “Evening Among [Read More...]

Sister Cristina: “I’ve had the time of my life…!”

She’s made it into the final round of “The Voice,” in part on the strength of this performance of the hit from “Dirty Dancing.”  Read all about it.  [Read more...]

New order of nuns takes root in Wisconsin

Photo: William Glasheen/Post-Crescent Media Details from The Green Bay Press Gazette:  If a young soul wanders, Mother Mary Catherine has dedicated her to life to shepherding it back on the path to heaven. She is trying to save souls as the founder and mother superior of a new community of Roman Catholic religious women within [Read More...]

Evangelizers of note: using music to draw people to church

From The Toledo Blade, a story about a creative way of reaching out to immigrants: Using popular music to lure new and former Catholics is one of several outreach strategies the Church has undertaken in recent years. “According to church studies, people have been leaving the Catholic Church because they weren’t comfortable,” said Deacon Jose Garcia, [Read More...]

Worth noting: the pope’s prayer intentions for May

From the Vatican:  Pope Francis’ universal prayer intention for May is: “That the media may be instruments in the service of truth and peace”. His intention for evangelisation is: “That Mary, Star of Evangelisation, may guide the Church in proclaiming Christ to all nations”. Amen. [Read more...]

Get something free for Lent—besides the ashes

My pal Brandon Vogt dropped by my office yesterday and in between catching up on the weather in Orlando (very warm) and Chicago (very cold) he said, “Hey, I wanted to tell you about something we’re doing at Word on Fire for Lent.” He sent me an email this morning with a link:  Would you [Read More...]

Want to understand the Mass? There’s an app for that.

Miami is promoting an app that helps everyone to understand the Mass better: Called “Mass Explained,” it was created by a local Catholic, Dan Gonzalez, who made it completely interactive, with pictures, sounds and links to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, church documents and much more. Want to hear the Jewish blessing that precedes the [Read More...]

More terrible news about the Church: record turnout for California Theology on Tap

From Bill Ditewig’s blog:  Last night, I saw first-hand the “Francis Effect” in action, right here at a bar on Fisherman’s Wharf on Monterey Bay. “Theology on Tap” is a program that’s been around quite a while now across the country, and it’s proved a durable and popular way to talk about the faith and to [Read More...]