More terrible news about the Church: record turnout for California Theology on Tap

From Bill Ditewig’s blog:  Last night, I saw first-hand the “Francis Effect” in action, right here at a bar on Fisherman’s Wharf on Monterey Bay. “Theology on Tap” is a program that’s been around quite a while now across the country, and it’s proved a durable and popular way to talk about the faith and to [Read More...]

Knock, knock: parish launches ambitious door-to-door missionary program

Photo: Zac Boesch/St. Louis Review From The St. Louis Review:  From inside a dark home, through a cracked door, a faceless voice tells Jim G’Sell, “Go away. I’m pagan.” G’Sell walked away and said “Hey, we need to pray for her, ‘Lord, she’s suffering because she doesn’t know You and maybe next time we knock [Read More...]

Missionaries on the streets of New York City

On a snowy weekend, the Basilica of Old St. Patrick’s in New York’s Little Italy undertook a notable evangelization effort, which they’ve recounted on their Facebook page:  In the spirit of Advent, and following the call of Cardinal Timothy Dolan for every parish to have Confessions available during this time, members of Regnum Christi joined [Read More...]

Bombing North Korea with bibles

From  On a rainy afternoon last Spring, American pastor Eric Foley and his wife stood in a muddy field near the North Korea border and prayed – their hands clasped to a 40-foot homemade balloon that would carry Bibles to the communist dictatorship’s underground Christians. “I get choked up, every time, as I let [Read More...]

Tattooed Jesus: “By his stripes we are healed…”

This billboard is turning a few heads in Texas:  A billboard showing a tattooed Jesus Christ has stirred up quite a bit of buzz in the heart of the Bible Belt. The ad, which is the work of the website, popped up along a West Lubbock, Texas, highway, and it’s got people talking. It [Read More...]

Quote of the day: “It’s because I fell in love with Jesus”

“I spoke last evening with the confirmation kids at my parish.  I told them the main reason that I became an active Catholic and eventually a priest.  It’s because I fell in love not with an idea or an ideology or a bunch of rules.  It’s because I fell in love with Jesus.  And falling [Read More...]

To live the gospel without compromise, “be prepared for constant changes”

This is today’s reflection from Give Us This Day, the monthly prayer periodical published by Liturgical Press and my frequent companion on my morning subway ride.  (Full disclosure: I’m also a contributor.) This meditation comes from Servant of God Catherine de Hueck Doherty, who knew Thomas Merton back in the days before he entered the [Read More...]

Vatican publishes e-book of Benedict’s World Communications Day messages

Something new and nifty, from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications:  The Pontifical Council for Social Communication has published an eBook entitled,“Benedict XVI: World Communications Day Messages“. The eBook, which is free, contains the eight messages released during Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate. The digital publication is a first for the Council and intended as a [Read More...]

Look who’s talking…

Some New Evangelizers chat about new evangelizing. You may see one or two familiar names. Kudos to the talented Chaz Muth at CNS for pulling this together so deftly. [Read more...]

“One cannot announce Christ without the Church…”

From Pope Francis’s message for World Mission Sunday (October 20): The work of evangelization often finds obstacles, not only externally, but also from within the ecclesial community. Sometimes there is lack of fervour, joy, courage and hope in proclaiming the Message of Christ to all and in helping the people of our time to an [Read More...]