Aging Catholic nuns find care at a Jewish nursing home

From AP:  For 98-year-old Sister Angela Rooney, it was one of the most jarring moves of her life. She always thought she would live out her days as she had for decades, in a convent under the time-honored Roman Catholic tradition of younger nuns dutifully caring for their older sisters. But with few young women [Read More...]

The nuns spoke—and the archbishop listened

The archbishop in question is Seattle’s J. Peter Sartain—FOTB (Friend of the Bench)—and this account appears in today’s New York Times: When 25 leaders of the largest organization of American nuns met for the first time with Archbishop J. Peter Sartain of Seattle in 2012, after theVatican appointed him to lead an overhaul of their group, they expected [Read More...]

Prosecutors want to prevent “Dead Man Walking” nun from testifying in Boston Marathon bomber trial

Details:  Federal prosecutors want the nun who inspired the movie “Dead Man Walking” to be prevented from testifying in the case of the Boston Marathon bomber, according to court records. At a sidebar conference with U.S. District Court Judge George O’Toole, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense team said that they may rest their case as early as today after [Read More...]

Boom: number of women becoming nuns in UK reaches 25-year high

Details:  The number of women becoming nuns in Britain has reached a 25-year high. Some 45 took holy vows last year – tripled from just 15 in 2009 and the most in one year since the 1980s. Just seven signed up in 2004 but that has now changed as more women are drawn to the [Read More...]

Dominican nuns in SF walk out of high school to protest gay rights group

From The San Francisco Chronicle:  The divisions within the Bay Area’s Catholic community over gay rights hit Marin Catholic High School full force the other day, when a group of nuns walked out of their classes to protest the sponsors of a program intended to protect gay and lesbian teens from bullying. The five members [Read More...]

Vatican announces end to overhaul of LCWR, after group agrees to enact changes

From AP:  The Vatican has unexpectedly ended its controversial overhaul of the main umbrella group of U.S. nuns, cementing a shift in tone and treatment of the U.S. sisters under the social justice-minded Pope Francis. The Vatican said Thursday it had accepted a final report on its investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious [Read More...]

“You’re too pretty to be a nun!”

A woman entering religious life writes in Huffington Post:  When I tell people I’m going to be a nun, they are shocked. Their eyebrows shoot up, their jaws drop, their beers spill onto the bar. “You’re too normal to be a nun,” they say. “You’re too smart.” “You’re too pretty!” This last one took me [Read More...]

Hail Mary Pass? Nuns rent out rooms at Phoenix monastery for Super Bowl, raise money for charity

From The Arizona Republic and azCentral:   You could say, it’s a different kind of Super Bowl experience. “I’ve never been in a convent or ministry where there haven’t been football fans,” said Sister Linda Campbell from the Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in West Phoenix. The 66 year old nun is a self-proclaimed die hard Arizona [Read More...]

Galveston-Houston copes with declining number of nuns

From The Houston Chronicle: The decline in the numbers is a bit of a paradox. It well could be the defining problem facing the institution in coming decades, yet the sisterhood publicly faces it without blanching. “The numbers affect the general public and the media more than they do us personally,” said Sister Heloise Cruzat, [Read More...]

Paying tribute to an artist inspired by Andy Warhol—and who happened to be a nun

  Image: from NPR, courtesy the Corita Art Center And you’ve probably seen her work and not even realized it. Who knew? From NPR: Corita Kent’s silkscreens were once compared to Andy Warhol’s; her banners and posters were featured at civil rights and anti-war rallies in the 1960s and ’70s; she made the covers of [Read More...]